Monday, April 11, 2011

Tour of Tables Blessed with Talent

 Tour of Tables is a fundraiser for Canton's Community Education project.  The event was held this past Saturday.  I am going to show off a few things today and more through the week.   

There is a clue hidden here in these photos as to my "big news".  I have also hidden a clue in my blog layout and in a recent video.  Do you know what my good news is?  You know I love to play games so don't post your answer here send me an email and I will enter you into a drawing for some yummy crafty treats.  (Family and Friends that are in the know are not eligible.  Count yourselves lucky that I have told you the good news first so you can bask in my ROCKSTAR GLOW.)  LOL!!

Okay, I want to play Nickelbacks version you can click to it with this link HERE.

However, I will keep a Disney rating here on the blogo with Hannah Montana...

I remember watching this so if you are in want of good laugh play this little number...

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves Philippians 2:3

Other than my sisters table this one was my FAVE.
Sew Dear Holly's Hobbies by Holly Molstad and Theresa Souvignier.
Look at all the little YUMMIES!

View from another side...

Yet another....

One place setting, all were different.

A second place setting...

Chair wrapped with old apron.
Serving tables and old Ironing board and sewing table.  LOVE IT!

Kool Aid table by Gwen Lease.  This set up was really KOOL.  

Kool Aid place setting...

Circus Carnival by Julie Braaten and I Helped;)  

How did this happen?  LOL!
Just a little tease of her table top.  The rest to be revealed at a later date.
If you were at the Tour of  Tables you are in the know of my 
Rockstar status. ** If you have taken
a photograph of the carnival tabletop please do not post to the internet 
copy for contests or submissions. 
 That is right I am so good
I  now come with a copyright;)

Asian by Linda Hill and Beki Hage...

Asian place setting using authentic China brought to SD
after WW2...

After dinner we were blessed with a performance by 
"the Master's Five"
I should have run the video more they were AMAZING!

No I am not for hire. No I do not sell my creations.  No I will not do your childs birthday party!!  God has blessed me with creativity and I love to share it on a personal level with Family, Friends and Community.  
 All remaining paper treats that I personally don't use throughout the year are donated
 to the Church Youth, our local Nursing Home and other charities.

Happy Stamp Day.  May God bless our Country and the World.


Prayer Notes by Cynthia said...

Wow! It looks like it was a lot of fun. The decorated plate and place mat are really pretty.

Jen A said...

Thanks for sharing all the fun tables! Can't wait to hear what your news is...=).

Chris said...

yeah, i want to know too, spill it!! i love those tables!!