Friday, April 1, 2011

Forgotten Friday Challenge

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These are really fun to make.  Our stash of cute little
gift soap is depleted and I feel a weekend crafty
project for the girls.  Yes, it is so easy even
they love making them.

When using melt and pour
soap with kids use caution it is

So my challenge for this Forgotten Friday post is for you to
create a gifty soap using your stamps.  If you don't have
soap making supplies show me how you are using
your stamps in a creative way.
You will have 'til Thursday April 7th at
11:00PM to place your link with Mr. Linky

Happy Stamp Day. May God bless our country and the world.


Jen A said...

These are just so cleaver! I don't have soap making supplies but my whole family enjoyed the ones you sent!

Chris said...

your soaps are so beautiful!