Wednesday, April 27, 2011

RaNdOm Spring

It has been a very WET and COLD spring here in South Dakota.  Makes it easy to work on fall and winter creations.  I have yet to turn the CHRISTmas carols back on.  I did manage to eek out a spring card.  I used the Dress form die from PaperTrey Ink and made a skirt, blouse and scarf for it.  I have shopped the idea around for dressing these things.  All you see is just the form in many different forms. 
 I know very well that you have to dress these puppies up!  
The skirt and large tag have micro beads on them.
For the scarf I just unraveled a bit of the ribbon. 
I do think I will go back and remove a few of the flowers looks a bit overdone looking at it now.

Now on to a bit of RaNdOmNeSs...

A French Pedi always make a girl feel special;)
Have to get some if you are a flip flop wearer like myself.  These babies by Under Armour
are comfortable and your feet don't slip around like they tend to in other flip flops.

This is a FUNNY right here.  Took Donna out to Brunch after one of our many Dr. appointments.  We ended up at Panera YUMMY!  I had a ham and cheese souffle delivered in one of these cute wrappers.  I could only think of was Betsy's Cherry Pie Note card set in Papercrafts May/June.  You can see a peek HERE  When I picked it up to look it over you should have seen the look on Donna's face.  "You better not MOM!" Well that just meant I had to right?  So when we got ready to go I went and asked to purchase some of them.  The girl had to go ask the manager and I heard, "why?".  
Have not had time to play with them yet but they are on the list;)

Donna and Rachel right before D had her wisdom teeth removed

An after Pic
Jessica calls her...the chipmunk sister.  LOL!
She ended up with one dry socket on the lower left.  We went and took care of that yesterday.  However, it calls for another trip to Sioux Falls on Friday.

We are waiting for Jesse's test results to come back.  Please keep praying that he can get his numbers down quickly and be more diligent with his diet.

Jessica is on her last week of school in the fall she will be attending the Marion School.   Even tho she has been in pre-k and enrolled in Marion she was  taken by car to Parker for school.  Next fall she can ride the bus to Marion with the other girls and I will be much less stressed over the situation.  You remember the day the bus arrived and little J was not on it??  YIKES, that was my nightmare scenario come to life.  I did not know if she was in Parker, Marion or anywhere in between and that is a large area to have a five year old on her own.  It all turned out in the end when she was found at a nearby Church;)

Happy Stamp Day.  God Bless.


Amy said...

This card is super cute! Love the way you've dressed the form. Glad Donna is feeling better too!

Chris said...

this is adorable! love the different flowers surrounding the form and the clothes are too dam cute!!

Jen A said...

The flowers on the card are amazing. It's beautiful all around! TFS some moments or you day w/ donna. The chipmunk comment made me laugh. Have a great day!