Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Book of Cards DS .Cut file by Sara Paschal

Well a week after I started here it is...I only have the Expression version completed have to clear the fog out of my brain and get it geared up for thinking again so I can complete the baby bug version.
I will be back on Thurs with some views of my creation.

Below you see two screen shots of DS, the first one shows the cover
score cover at 5" and again at 6"

Below you see the inside holder you will need to cut two of these, I have drawn in the score lines for you in yellow.

1) Cut and score two of the inside holders
2) Use redliner tape to adhere flaps of the holder
3) Adhere ribbon to the back side of both holders leaving enough ribbon on each side for tying
4) Secure each holder to the cover with redliner tape
5) Fill with 6 cards and Envelopes
6) Tie your card box closed

Happy Stamp Day!

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Anonymous said...

so sorry i really wanted that book of cards file:-(