Saturday, April 25, 2009

BUI and some TY's

I have been flat on my back since Wed morning, I went to sit down to start some first cuts on my new PTI look alike template on the Cricut and ended up on my hands and knees unable to move. DH got me up and to the ER where I was pumped full of Morphine, Valium and Dilaudid and sent home almost six hours later...UGH. Dh had to take a day off of work to sit at home and babysit me, so can't tell you how pathetic that makes me feel. Today is the first day I have tried to shower and sit up, figured I better get it done before dh goes to work. The girls will have to babysit there Mom today I am sure that makes them feel about as good as it makes me feel. D

Don't have my project ready for the blog hop, hopefully I can show it to you next week. I better get off for now before they issue me a ticket for blogging under the influence.

A huge TY going out to my PTI Secret sis stephie1027, I so loved your tote of cards and the color combo so ROCKIN' I totally loved it brightened my horrible days with something so very beautiful. Thank you so much for the paper and ribbon and goodies you have sent with it. As soon as I am up to it I will leave a comment in the tread,Did you photograph it? I hope you did need to show it off and I don't have a camera.

Wanda, WOWzer you sent a beautiful package of goodies can't wait to get to feeling better and did into that box. TY so very kind.

Happy Stamp Day!

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Amy said...

Oh, Sara, I'm so sorry to hear you are out of commission again. Hope you are up and running again soon. For now just enjoy the babying--for crying out loud, how often have DH and the girls been babied by you?