Saturday, April 18, 2009

More SB pages of Mom and her family

The pages I am sharing today are of my Mom with her Sister My Aunt Shirley. Today is the 15 year anniversary of my Mother's passing, she was laid to rest exactly one year to the day her loving Sister past away. And who says people can't die from a broken heart?

You also see my Mom below with two of my Nieces she loved to have the grand kids over we always had such fun, and game playing was always a piece of that fun.

Then there is Grandma Smith she taught my Mom to sew and My Mom taught me. My fave were the dresses she would make and then the Barbie clothes they were so cute. Grandma's name still comes up in the quilting circle at St. Johns Lutheran she was so loved there.

There are not many pics around of all five of us kids, my brothers and sisters are older and most of my memories they were moved out already. The one you see below with Grandpa and Grandma Smith is one of my faves. LOL, LOL look how my older sister and brother were dressed ;) I am old enough to remember those bell bottom pants getting stuck in my bike chain but, her dress is killing me.

Happy Stamp Day!


Jen said...

I really enjoy the Grandma ties a quilt. Great photo!

Amy said...

These are all great, Sara. Creativity as therapy and family history--I love it.

Chris said...

wow!! you did a fabulous job on this book!! going to look so nice when printed!!