Saturday, October 25, 2008

Little J's Big Adventure

Our Little DD decided to drink a bleach water cleaning solution on Friday that we were using to wipe down the house with. (The girls had been sick earlier in the week) and I wanted to be sure the germs were gone before Grandpa and Grandma came over on Saturday. I brought the bucket with me into the kitchen as I was putting curtains in the dryer and it took just a couple seconds for her to get the bucket of the kitchen counter and take a drink. I had no way of knowing how much she actually swallowed all I did know was she had gotten some because she said "icky water" then the screaming started.

How much is too much for a three year old in my book it is any amount who knows what damage can be done on your insides with bleach? Needless to say she got an ambulance ride and a trip to the ER.

She is fine was able to drink to dilute the solution more and eat a Popsicle so the decided to observe her for a bit then send her home.

This child of ours is so adventurous and quick I feel I can't let her out of my sight for one second in fear of what she will get into next. I don't remember the other two girls ever behaving like this.

I hope to be back with a blog hop project later today, I will see if I can fit in some craft time this AM before DH leaves for work.

Have a great Saturday.


Cheryl said...

Life is certainly not dull in your household. Glad all is ok! Enjoy your visit with grandma and grandpa. At least no germs!

Jen said...

OH MY Sara! I thought my little DD was active! I'm glad she is okay and I hope that you find some time for yourself. Take care!

Chris said...

OMG sara!! i can't believe she did this...she is quite the handful...i'm so glad that she is okay and able to terrorize you today!! LOL

Verda said...

Oh my goodness! Glad all turned out well. You need some self time today.