Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another Bummer

Had our oldest DD back to the Orthopedic DR. on Friday she is now benched again from activities and was so looking forward to the start of basketball season. For the next two weeks she will be taking physical therapy and wearing a softer brace then a return visit. If nothing has changed she will need a new MRI, he says now she may have possibly torn cartilage, this will now show on the xray and to be sure she would need the MRI.

If you want to learn more about her knee struggles you can take this link I have posted in the past...
Summer Bummer Link

I need to get caught up on all of the goodies I have missed the past few days. I love the new PTI color coming out and the Christmas tags. Such fun!!!

DH has also gotten us Netflix, have any of you tried this before? After fighting with our satellite company over billing we have decided to just stop our service. We are actually getting more use out of the Netflix not even comparable in cost to dish. I must say however I will miss the DRV, so hopefully at Christmas we will find a TIVO under the tree.

Have a happy stamp Day!

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Wanda. said...

Sorry to hear about your DD. She must be devistated. I hope she heals quickly.