Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Falling Leaves and the "Bell Witch"

So busy yesterday that I did not have time to work on a card for my blog so today I am showing you a card that I made for WCMD. For this card were were to find our inspiration from a selected magazine cover.

Now off on a small tangent for Halloween week... this card was sent to my DH's Aunt Bernice (his great Aunt). Every time I think of her all that comes to mind is the "Bell Witch" since Aunt B is from Adams Tennessee and DH along with his family lived in town for a bit. We were in the funeral procession for my DH's mother from Clarksville to Adams TN and when we got into town everything was named "Bell", so if you know me I had to ask WHY? Needless to say I was told to be quiet (later I learned why, not a popular subject for a wife to be talking about when DH is about to lay his mother to rest).

Below are some movies and links if you want to spook yourself this week with the legend of the "Bell Witch"
Movies about the Bell Witch...
An American Haunting
The Bell Witch Haunting
Bell Witch Cave
Bell Witch
Wiki Bell Witch

Product list...
Hero Arts leaf stamp
Leaf Punch
Gingerbread Stamp Sentiment "This is the day..."
PTI card stock and ink
Black Pen

Have a Great Day!


Chris said...

beautiful fall card...i'm sure your DH's aunt loved it!!

Jen said...

Lovely card! I think I'll pass on those spooky movies since that is just too close to home.

Wanda. said...

Beautiful card and interesting legend, I'd never heard of that one before!

Shannon said...

Great card! Unfortunately, i never got to explore the whole Bell Witch thing while i actually lived near there! Maybe I will take you up on your suggestions!