Wednesday, July 23, 2008

20 years, 30/30 Day 14 & Hide and Seek Blog Candy

Today my project is a little different I received notice of our 20yr HS reunion in August. A flyer came with some questions and a request for photos for our reunion booklet. So hold on here come some High School Memories and the past 20 years of memories and photos what a project. (I scanned some photos that I have been wanting to get done for some time now you would think it to be a huge task and it took minutes.)

I choose not to disclose this personal info on my blog but I have a few tidbits for you...

Married for 13 years (our anniversary is October 20th)
Have three children ages 13, 11 and 2

Post High School Education
I have an A.S. Degree in management from Nettleton College in Sioux Falls SD
I spent one year of college in Rapid City, SD at National College but moved home to be closer to my parents and friends.

I am a stay at home Mother

Bet you can't guess the answer to this question, LOL!
Paper Crafting and I love to do Sudoku puzzles

Accomplishments in the last 20 years
Department Specialist of Domestics for Target Stores in SF SD
College Degree in Management and fashion
Store Manager for Braun's Fashions in Fort Dodge IA
Visual Display specialist for Kohl's Department store in SF SD
Board Member for Sioux Falls Public Health and Falls Community Health
Court Watcher for Rape and Domestic Abuse Center

Favorite High School Memory
FHA (Future Homemakers of America) meetings, activities and conventions

Below is a page from my year book showing FHA Activities yep, I was a nerd and ranked toward the top of my class 14 or 15 place can't remember after all it has been 20 years...

Myself and DH in Jan of 2005

Our family photo taken in 2006

A Blog Candy for you a special Hide and Seek...
After reading this blog post can you tell me how I arrived at my SCS name? Leave a comment in this post with your answer and I will draw a random winner on Monday July 28th. Good luck!

Happy Stamp Day!


Paula said...

I loved your traveling back in time. What a precious family you have. Now if I had to go back to graduation it would be 45 years....LOL! I am older than dirt as the kids say. Thanks for sharing your memories. They are special and I enjoyed them.

Jen said...

It looks like Tieszen is your maiden name...or are you Just-tieszen (I always pronounce you SCS name Just teasin'...but I maybe off there).
This is a great post! Love seeing blast from the past...hmmm That may have just inspired a project...have a good day Sara!

Chris said...

it's kind of ironic that you ask this question...cuz i have always wondered that myself... so it's your maiden name and the just, well, i would guess cuz SCS is all about you not your fam....which us mothers don't have enough of in our lives...thanks for the memories...>"<

stampinc said...

I just love you hid and seek games. Your kids must have FUN with you all the time. Your family is so cute. Ok my guess is your maiden name Tieszen. So you must be JUSTtiesen. (tee hee)
I look forward to your updates and creative and inspiring projects daily. Thanks again.

Cheryl said...

This is great hide and seek, Sara because I wondered about your SCS name--now I see in the yearbook photo that Tieszen is your maiden name. How clever of you to come up with that nickname on SCS. You will have a ball at your reunion. I love sudoku puzzles too!!

Jeani said...

Sara, what great photos and hope you have a BLAST at your reunion! I missed mine a few years ago and am still bummed about it, but I had just had my second son and it just wasn't possible to fly to Alaska! Anyway, your SCS name must come from your maiden name Tieszen! Too clever! Have a great time at your reunion!

Deb said...

Time sure flies when your having fun. This year was my 20th class reunion as well. I love reading about others so i was immediately drawn to your maiden name Tieszen. What fun this hide-n-seek was. I have just started reading your blog and it is fantastic!!! Thank you for the opportunity!