Friday, November 25, 2011

Rachel's Christmas Gift 2011

I love these altered Oatmeal canisters used for hair goodies. 
 I made one for Jessica now everyone is begging for one.  I can't eat that much Oatmeal peeps;)

Below is a CHRISTmas gift for my niece who loves pink and purple.
I also altered a few barrettes and some headbands.

Now for the inside goodies I recycled a cardboard tube to hold the hair bands and a magnetic paper clip holder for those DARN bobby pins that are so in love with my  vacuum!!!!
I cut a felt circle for the bottom of the tube so the inside can be used for storage of more bands.

So one gift down and many more to go.
She is going to adore this, can't wait to gift it.

These ideas can be found on my pinterest boards, I have been a busy on pinterest as of late;)  I need to stop getting distracted and get back on the crafty MAKING track.

If you live in my area and have Oatmeal Canisters please if you would save them for me.  Thank you;)

Have a happy stamp day!  God Bless!


Chris said...

these are fabulous!! your niece will love them!!

Amy said...

Oh, these are fabulous!

Jen A said...

Great ideas for holding all those hair things!