Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Life is Very Pinteresting

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Since it is really difficult to sit in my design room I have not been able to create for blog posts:( however to build up some strength in my knee I have been in the kitchen more than usual. Hence the post for today done with help from little j.

This can be found in my tips and tricks board about fabric sheets.
1. Cut up a kitchen towel on the fold lines giving us six sheets.
2. Poured 1/8 cup Downy over the towels.
3. Let them soak in sealed container.
4. Ring them out and let them dry.
5. Throw dried cloth in with load.
6. It is stated that each sheet will last 40 loads.

Helping to save some on the monthly budget and help green up the planet with less plastic and dryer sheets.

God bless!


Angela said...

Hi Sara!

Hope your knee is healing nicely!

Great tip for the dryer sheets...might have to try this!

Amy said...

Wow, great tip!

Chris said...

very cool idea!!! hope you are feeling better!!

Sara Paschal said...

Okay, they last about 5 loads for me. That is still AWESOME 6 times 5 is 30 so I get 30 dryer loads out of one cap of Downy.