Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Live is Pinteresting Part 3

You may be wondering why I am not posting cards or scrapbook pages.  Well, for me right now it is just to painful to sit in my design room. However, I was able to get to a 104 degree bend this past Monday.  Standing  in the kitchen is strengthening my knee quickly so hopefully I will be able to create paper crafts again soon.  
These have been some really good tips, hope you are enjoy them.

Today I worked out a perfect dish washing powder that works well for our old school hand washing of dishes.  With 5 of us they sure can stack up quickly;)
What you will need...
1.  Washing Soda
2.  Kosher Salt
3.  Ivory Bath Bar

4. Fine Grater
5.  Jar to mix and hold the powder

Yes, your soap does have to be this fine otherwise it will not dissolve in your hot wash sink.
**As for the post on laundry soap you will also need your bar soap looking like this.**

Now this works perfect for us, I tried many other combinations with not so good results.  Basically, everything else left a yucky film on the plastic dishes.  This mix does not leave that film and works well with our rural water.  It takes one heaping Tablespoon per sink load.  Another money saver and a greener way of doing things around the Paschal household. 

If you have some DIY household tips you love to use please share in the comments.
Happy Stamp Day.  God Bless!