Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cinderella for Little J

Edit post found a helpful thread, you have to be a member of the Cricut Message board to view...

1) I did not cut the black base
2) I tried to piece on a shadow cut not a base cut
Guess I should look before I leap, LOL. Anyhow, I will try it again using these tips.

I have been playing around with the Happily Ever After Cricut Cartridge my Sister brought over the other day. I am sorry to say, these are the fave images for little J but I can't piece the cuts so they look right and it is hard to get the proper speed and pressure for some of the more intricate cuts. To top it off the choker did not even cut out I had to improvise. Up close this project looks like crap if you hold it away a few feet or take your glasses off it is Okay, LOL! They say right on the box some details are very intricate and will cut best with the expression. I have the expression and cut this out at 10 inches and still had a problem with the pieces, I have totally given up on the A2 shape card I wanted to make her for her birthday...sigh. I ended up taking the photo off the page and just gave her the paper to play with, she sure was happy with it.

So my question to you Cricketers is... my older girls want the Tinkerbell Cartridge, do the same problems exist with this one? They would need the smaller images for cards and to decorate lockers and notebooks with? Any tips and tricks for this type of cartridge would be appreciated.

Happy Stamp Day!


Chris said...

i stick to the easy cartridges, GF! sorry i have no words of wisdom...maybe a cocktail? it looks good on the blog...>"<

Banu said...

Yeah me too Sara...I have not ventured into these complex are our Cricut Guru....

Reddy said...

Tinker bell is just like these (why I have tink & the princess - I"m still trying to figure out since I have 2 boys (12 & 13 now)

they take time & pratice - I have the small cricut so the biggest I can do is 5.5 inches

do remeber that people who are laying or sitting or just the face are the easiest to do so try them before giving up.

Reddy Thompson
Cricut MB