Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cinderella for Little J part 2

Edit post to put in photo of 7" cut the right way.

Thank you Reddy in the Cricut forum for your help. I am happy with a 7" cut this am, thank you so very much.

What I learned...
1. No function keys should be lit up when you want to cut a base.
2. Hit the character you want, this will cut the base with the lines for you to line up the cut shapes. (Cut this in BLACK)
3. Continue to cut rest of the pieces as the book instructs you to.
4. I use Tombow Multi adhesive (green lid)
5. A tweezers comes in really handy for the smaller pieces.
6. Use a sharp blade
7. Use the correct speed and pressure for the paper you are cutting.
8. PTI card stock did not cut well with the little cuts a light weight card stock would be better. (this really shows on the gloves where I used Aqua Mist from PTI, click on cinderella for a larger view.)

Cinderella for Little J part 1 link

Below is a comparison of Cinderella from Happily Ever After Cricut Cartridge. I do love it on the black, I still think it is too big of a base so much of the black shows. I have asked the question if black is supposed to show between all of the shapes, to me this would look so very disjointed esp on the arms. You can see on the second attempt where I put the arm pieces joined. UGH, I guess they say third time is the charm I am set to go again later next week.

Happy Stamp Day!


Amy said...

Cute! I love those Disney cartridges--they always look so neat.

Reddy said...

For the base cut - make sure all features are turned off & no shift

if you have the markers - this will draw the whole image.

Wanda. said...

I have not seen the Disney cartridges. It looks like it's difficult to play with. I hope you get it all figured out. I think it will make a fun scrapbook page though!


Banu said...

You are the scrapbook Guru. What can I say :) Just that it is a ab fab layout.