Friday, December 19, 2008

God Loves a Cheerful Giver/soap crafting

This year my husband and I decided that we were not going to spend any money on CHRISTMAS, how were we to get this done? Every gift, every card, sweet treat and decoration has been handmade by myself and our children. It has been so much fun working with the girls seeing them get excited about what they have made and talking about how much the recipient is going to enjoy their gift.
**One note we did end up purchasing some Christmas candy, I burnt up my mixer making fudge and was not able to complete what items were left on my list.**

Past soap making posts...
Stamping on Soap tutorial
Embedded Soap Tutorial
Embedded Soap

Product list...
Melt and pour soap base
Soap Mold
Green Tea Powder
Tea Leaves
Cling Wrap
SU Ribbon

It is funny how my Nice and Nephews ask there parents when the next time is that I will be coming over. Know what they are looking forward to? Handmade soap, they have run out and are in their own way requesting more. It is so funny! These kids have every toy, get almost everything they ask for and in the end what they want from Aunt Sara is more Soap for bath time. (I love it!) That is truly what makes giving this time of year such a joy.

Put CHRIST back into CHRISTmas in 2008
2 Corinthians 8:7
"...for God Loves a Cheerful giver."

Merry CHRISTmas!


Jen said...

This is wonderful! How awesome that you were able to make gifts without spending!

Amy said...

Sara these are so neat, and what a great gift idea! The story about your niece and nephew says it all! I have made soap in the past, need to play with it again.

Chris said...

what a great gift to make and give!! that's amazing that you didn't have to spend money on xmas, yay for you!!! >"<

Latisha said...

Unfortunately I live far from friends and family, so we end up spending quite a bit around the holidays. Thats so awesome you didn't spend any money