Friday, December 26, 2008

PTI Blog Hop...Bow Ties

Gotcha, LOL!!
My project for today's PTI blog hop has nothing to do with Bow Ties, I have made ornaments out of recycled card stock and paper products that now hang on silver cord from a bow tied at the top of my popcorn bag.
Nichole's challenge this month was to recycle anything from Christmas but the end project was not to look like a Christmas project. I took scraps of Pure Poppy, Kraft and Sweet Blush PTI card stock and made paper pulp...directions found below.

card stock scraps
candy mold
Dremel tool
Coated Popcorn (directions found below)
Food storage bag
Adhesive Vinyl

Handmade paper hearts directions...
Shred left over card stock pieces or wrapping paper
Place into a container with two cups of hot water and let set overnight
Pour paper and water mixture into the blender and mix
Take your paper pulp and squeeze out some of the water in your hand and press into candy molds
Let air dry, my molds dried in an afternoon over a heat register
Dremel a hole into the top of your molded paper
String with cord or ribbon
Hang from a bow on top of a gift package

other uses...
3D card and scrapbooking image
Tree Ornaments
Door Knob Hangers

What can you use them for, I would love to hear your ideas!

Coated popcorn directions...
Air Pop 12 Cups of Popcorn
Sort out the kernels
In a sauce pot heat 2 cups sugar with 2 cups light corn syrup
add 2 T of butter and bring to a boil
add 1 package of Jello (color and flavoring of choice)
Boil for three minutes on med high heat
Pour over popcorn, mixing well
Pour popcorn onto a buttered baking sheet
Bake in a 200* oven for 10 minutes
Flip popcorn out onto wax paper to cool
Break into pieces and store in an air tight bag or container

Happy Stamp Day!


Jen said...

This is awesome! I love the recycled cardstock hearts! We have been having computer trouble and I thought I wouldn't make it tonight but DH hooked up the sweet of him!
Anyway, love your project!

Latisha said...

Great project sara!! They look really cool. I may have to try this after my move.

Jen Caputo said...

those are just fabulous!!! Such an awesome idea!

Terri said...

What a cool idea. The popcorn looks yummy too.

Chris said...

i would have never thought of's fabulous!!! i love the colors....>"<

Lori said...

Fabulous project idea! Thanks for sharing the directions for both the hearts and the yummy looking popcorn.

Marge said...

Awesome!!! TFS; may have to give these a try after the holidays go by!!!

Lisa and Penny said...

Hi Sara--thanks for stopping by my blog :-) I can't take any credit...Shawn at Eclectic Whimsy designed my blog. Her site is at

She's so creative & talented!!

Tessa said...

These are sooooooooooo cute! What a super idea!

Babies- Beth said...

Sara, I guess I didn't read all of the instructions, lol... I made Christmas from Christmas! You are just way too clever for me, lol!!

verna said...

Cute molded hearts!!!

Sharon said...

This is one of those "plan ahead" projects...awesome you were able to do that!

Regan said...

such a great idea!!

Amy said...

I am very impressed. What a great idea for scraps--of which I have a ton! i have never tried making paper, but you have inspired me!

Ravengirl said...

Now THAT is thinking outside of the box! Nice job!

calliezant said...

Well done! This one is out of the park!

Radiogirl said...

Sooo yummy. You had me w/the bow. :-)

Deanna said...

Wow, crazy kewl!

Donelda said...

what an interesting project idea!

Lee said...

What lovely embellishments. Will have to try this technique.

Wanda. said...

WOW Sara, how creative. I've never made paper pulp before, I may have to give it a try!! Thanks for the inspiration.