Sunday, August 3, 2008

30/30 challenge Countdown Day 4 Wipeout!

To find out more about Jen's 30/30 challenge go {here}

First just by chance I tuned into Wipeout on ABC last night. I have not laughed so hard in a very long time, my DH was beginning to wonder what was wrong with me. The hosts are so stinking funny I could not stop laughing, I could not really I could not. LOL!!! I did find a link on Youtube to make your day, but if you can it is a must watch TV show if you are in need of a good laugh. Tuesday on ABC, I will be there or at least our DVR will be, have to record this so I can watch it over and over just to catch the commentators comments.
Wipeout on youtube

Okay, now to explain my photo for the day. During the 30 day challenge I have been cleaning up, sorting out and stowing away craft supplies. I want to show you that this old computer hutch has turned into my craft cabinet. Can you believe my DH wanted to get rid of it! It now plays host to my Fiscars Cutter, my Sister's Cricut, sorted paper scraps, my phone, the Bind it all, empty tape dispenser, my CASE board and more! I love it because the doors shut and lock, this keeps the little one out of my projects and away from some potentially dangerous products. She loves to hear the Cricut chirp, she will come running in from the next room and beg me to hit the button again. It is so cute! But, it is also why this is a great place to keep it out of her reach. The main thing I wanted to point out was the fact that the pull out work tables in the cabinet are clean! This was my project for Saturday, to clean up this cabinet and re-organize my scraps. Yep, I now have two scrap totes, one now holds SU 48 base colors (organized by families) and the other holds the basic colors, IC's and retired colors.

It also now play host to my CASE files, cards from Swaps and fellow stampers that I want to recreate. They are now in a visible place so I can get on the CASE.
Well I now have three days to go in the challenge and things are really getting wipedout around here (I am speaking of the clutter)lol!!

Happy Stamp Day!


Jen said...

I need to clean up my work space too...thanks for sharing...maybe it'll inspire some sunday clean up.

Wanda. said...

Sara you're welcome to come organize and clean up my work space!!! It's wall to wall "stuff" in here!! Oh and I was going to post a comment earlier but I got hooked on watching the YouTube "Wipeout" episode 1. What a hoot. I'm going to have to set my DVR to record them weekly. You got me hook on this. It's SO funny!