Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Must Love Cars

Donna's totaled Camry...

Okay, I love cars. DH rebuilds the old school muscle cars. They are way HOT!

Remember when Jesse surprised me for our anniversary with a Dodge Magnum? The grocery getter on steroids, the Hearst (no lie some people did this google it for pics) and Space Shuttle all in one. So much money for a ride I could not stand. I cried all night. Lucky for DH the dealer let him exchange it the next day or he would have been living in it! And guess what, Dodge no longer manufactures the Magnum! Really? How could it be? Say it isn't so!

Then came my Durango, I LOVE THIS SUV! Was interested in the 2011 model before I saw them. After I saw one the love affair was over. They totally took an awesome sweet looking ride with soft lines and turned it into a bold, aggressive looking monster!
Shame on you Dodge:(

Okay, who names their cars? YES, I do! My Durango is named FRANK, thanks to the girls. I have a Jesus "FREAK" sticker on the back. Somehow they mistakenly thought it said "FRANK" and the name has stuck.

Now we have Donna, she trashed her ride back in August. I refuse to hand her another set of keys. Never, never, never ever will she get a set of keys from me! No chance. Not even if pigs are flying and Hell has froze over. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! We have a running joke about a Barbie Jeep "Til I found this video on youtube linked to this post" Horse and buggy are even out of the question.
She has to earn her own. Work her butt off for a new ride instead of leaving it on a gravel road.

Product list...
Cricut Expression
Cricut Cars cut at 9"
BasicGrey DP
PTI ribbon and cardstock

Happy Stamp Day. God Bless!


Amy said...

Cool page! It's good that you're documenting the accident--helps with healing.

Jen A said...

Sara, this is an awesome page!

Chris said...

your lo is super fab!!

i too love the muscle car is named go figure!