Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh Christmas TREE Coasters?

My Husband is getting really good at the Eye rolling thingy the girls are famous for. Followed by, "what the heck are you doing now)? Jeez, I ask for such simple easy things. LOL! This time it was to cut up a tree trunk 3" diameter and 1" thick. Easy, right? So by the time the family has packed the ornaments to store for next season you will have created more gifts.

Product list...
PTI stamp set Turning a New Leaf and Ripe Avocado Ink**
**Bold full images work best with a dark ink

I think I was thumbing through Country "Living" when I found the coasters.

Told you it was easy! Thanks Baby;)
Happy Stamp Day, God Bless.


Jen A said...

Oh these are awesome! I will have to try. BTW Frank doesn't roll his eyes but often shakes his head wondering.=)

Chris said...

these are fabulous!! i need to make some of these...BTW, i get the same hubby eye roll...they are all just jealous of our abilities...frank, jess and scott...lololololol