Friday, January 8, 2010

Tick Tock a New WALL Clock Tutorial

If you receive the Cricut Chirp in your email inbox this week you would have seen one heck of a wonderful creation in the spotlight from Dawn. I had started my vinyl wall art a few weeks ago and though this would be the perfect way to finish it off so I came up with a simple clock to match the curvy clock she used found on a cricut cartridge that My Sister nor I have( Stretch Your Imagination). So by using some triangles, boxes and J's I created my clock version (you can download the .cut file here). You can also read up on how I did the part of the bird and branch in my post here.

How to make...
Use the .cut file I have provided for your birdhouse.
Apply the birdhouse to your wall.
Cut your clock numbers using Designers Calender (on the download you will find the correct size numbers for the size of the birdhouse).
Apply your clock numbers to the birdhouse.
I placed my clock works onto some combined die cuts from Marvy Scallop Circle Punch (5 of them out of poster board, glued togeather).
Punch one last time out of the same vinyl you used for your clock and apply to the top of your stack.
Attach clock works to your layered stack of die cuts.
Apply Velcro to the back of your clock works.
Set the time and attach the clockworks to your birdhouse.

It has been a rough start to the New Year the girls have missed three consecutive days of school on account of the latest winter storm that means DH has had his work hours cut also. I am working with our DD's friend and Our DD on some blog posts if this works out I can continue to make some infrequent postings for you. Thanks for hanging in with me;)


Rebecca said...

The clock looks awesome Sara! Sorry about all the stormy weather you've been enduring.

Cheryl said...

Wow, would this ever look great on my camper wall. I am going to save this in my favs and see if Mindy can help me figure out how to make one. Sorry about the weather and hubby's hours. Things just have to get better for you--I pray. Awesome work, Sara.

Amy said...

Oh, I saw Dawn's and LOVED it--yours is just as good if not better! I have been having SO much fun with my Cricut; my stamps are feeling abandoned LOL! Thanks so much for all your advice about it I pray this weather will abate soon and Jesse can get some more hours. Hope to see you soon!

Wanda. said...

You did a great job on this Sara. And on a personal note, I'm glad to see a post on your blog. I was starting to worry! I'll be in touch!

Jen A said...

So glad to see you are able to post some! Miss you! This wall clock is fabulous!

Susan said...

Oh this is SO cute!!! I wish my silhouette would accept .cut files. :(

Chris said...

i have missed your posts!! this clock is just adorable!! >"<