Saturday, November 23, 2013

The "Brights" Collection

Welcome to my blog, it is great to see you here.
Today I am showing you the start of my
"Brights" Collection of Digital Scrapbook kits.
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Brights have always been my favorite color category with
 lime taking the lead as top dog.
I am a Summer after all.
Going back to my Color Theory Class there are actually classes of color categories that look best on each person based on biology.
I am a summer because of my light skin, green eyes, dirty blond hair and a blue look to my skin (this is caused by your veins you can either have a blue look or a warm red look to your skin because of your veins and the proximity of them to your skin surface).
And Summers love the BRIGHT colors and they look their best wearing this color palette.
For instance I am a blusher meaning my skin especially on my face becomes flushed easily so I do not look my best wearing a primary red color close to my face.  I am much better off in the complementary colors of
greens in the bright category.
Hence you will see me in  LIME frequently, turquoise comes next and yes, I do wear bright reds;)
So my favorite Summer colors are the inspiration for my "Brights" Collection...
 Bright Embossed Solid
 Bright Patterns
 Numbers Bright

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