Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blog Load Optimized Part 3

Today I have the last of my three part series on
Optimized Blog load times we will be talking about
3rd party links and code.

If you want to become a serious blogger or learn a bit more about code I recommend this book.  
Yes, I use it and reference it often while building new scripts.  
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It is imperative if you wish to have a well organized blog that will give you and others
more enjoyment to be knowledge about 3rd party codes.
Mostly become familiarized with finding the image source in the code so you can change it.

Below is a script from the

All the highlighted links are called third party links below is where the link will go:
1.  It's job is to take the user to the background image so the web viewer can see it in their browser.
2.  Web address back to The Cutest Blog on the Block
3.   Image file for their branding of the Cutest Blog on the Block that will float at the top of your web page.
 NEVER CHANGE 2 or 3 to claim the look for your own. 
 Doing otherwise is just WRONG!

Now take these highlighted links and see just what each one is doing:

If you wish to optimize the background and I  highly recommend that you do, follow the steps below.

You found that the first link takes you to the background image for Graffiti My Heart.
When you get there command/click (on Mac)
You will get a menu click save image to downloads.
You can optimize and save this file then upload it through blogger background in your template customization option.

By doing this you have created an optimized image in a location where it will be searched for only by the users and search engines accessing your blog thus making the retrieval time much faster.
Making sense?
(It is still a third party code however it is Optimized now.

Now take this link to 
my site where I test my scripts before I use them

Here is how the hacked script runs on my work in progress site.  
Notice what is missing?  The image code.
Notice what I left intact?  Designer links and image.


Other than blog backgrounds 3rd party links are also found as .Gif, Blinkies & Badges 
in the blogger sidebars.
You can go locate the image file and save it just as I did the background and upload through
blogger interface as an image, you can link it up here also.

To sum up the past three days:
1.  Be aware what 3rd party links do for your blog load time.
2.  Keep third party links at the bottom of your blogger layout so they will load last.
3.  Third party links should be kept to a minimum.
4.  Optimize your image files for the web.
5. Posts on your first page should be 10 or less.
6.  If you want to use more third party links have less posts loading on the front  page.
7. YOU HAVE 3 SECONDS to hook and capture a repeat visitor.

That is a good start hopefully you can implement a few suggestions
 so we can all enjoy the blogging world more.

Thanks for stopping by today;)

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