Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blog Load Optimized Part 2

Today I want to cover a bit more on Image Size.
It is a big hit out there for fans of pre-made blog backgrounds to 
use  HTML/Java Script Blogger Backgrounds.

are just a few big names that supply such files.
And note that when you arrive at their sites some of the pages are optimized, ironic isn't it;)

Yes, they are beautiful!  After it takes them FOREVER to DOWNLOAD
 the page link you are searching for.
They are not optimized and they are huge image & HTML/Java Script  3rd party files.
Yes, they will also pop up again in part 3, that is how nasty they can be to your load times.

Seriously, this is a huge deal.
They are great to have if you are a small blogger promoting your
 crafty creations and sharing family pics.  I thoroughly enjoy reading my friends blogs and since I am a frequent visitor there my load times are quite small.

However, if you are a business, partake in blog challenges,  & are DT Members having a slow loading blog can take you out of the game really quick. 
*Note it has stopped me from venturing to some blogs that I know will take a LIFETIME to load.    As I stated before it is a huge waste of my time and I choose my time wisely.

So please contact someone you know who can help you create an optimized blogger site or stick to the basic blogger templates!  K!  Thank you, I would greatly appreciate it!

Okay, if you just can't let go of these pre-made cutesy blog backgrounds here are some of my tips.

1.  Place the 3rd party HTML code or JAVA Script at the bottom of your page layout, 
this way it will load last.  If it is placed higher up on your layout it is being sought out first and slows the load of your other image files.
Easy enough, you can do that.

2.  Open your text editor and place the code for the blogger background you downloaded.
Seek out the image source files, place the image file link code in your browser and you will be taken to where this image file is hosted online.
Download the image file to your own computer.
Optimize the image.
Upload your image to your photo hosting site
copy the direct link code
Paste the code back into the code from your provider to your direct link.

If that sounds too involved or scary, go grab the image file from the net.  Save it to your own computer.
Optimize the image and upload into your blogger interface. 
This works also.

Bottom line if you really like the look of the pre-made template it is best to have the Image files on  your own computer because often these sites run out of space and delete some 
of the older templates and files.  
Then your site will not load properly, and that is never awesome!

Okay, I think that covers the PRE-MADE templates.

So onto number 2
The number of posts your show on your home page.
The standard is 
10 or less.
Mine changes with other postings or scrips I may include in my page for a season or special sale.
Right now I have three posts set to load on my front page.

This is a SUPER easy fix.
Posts and comments

The very first option you are given says post how many ---- on the main page.
If you have a small load time set it higher, if you choose to run more scrips or have larger image files lower the amount of posts that load on the main page.
See, super easy quick fix that gets you on the road to an Optimized blog load time.

I shall see you tomorrow with part 3
3rd party HTML and JAVA SCRIPTS.
Thanks for stopping by today;)

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