Friday, December 16, 2011

Fake Feebreeze

My SIL loves the smell of Gain and wishes her entire house cold smell like it.  
Well guess what kiddo here you go...
Fake Febreeze
Reclaim your income and the landfills!!!!

1/8 C of your favorite scented fabric softener
1 TSP Baking soda
Reclaimed Febreeze Bottle
Warm tap water to fill up the rest of the room in the bottle.

I used some chalkboard paint on my old Hawaiian scented Febreeze bottle and  some chalk.  

I also placed my Baking soda in a glass jar, reclaiming both the glass and the pour spout lid from an old salt container.  So much easier that that dang box and it will stay dry and not soak up odors.

***I have found this very slippery on vinyl flooring so be careful where you are spraying***

Both of these ideas were found on Pinterest

Happy Stamp Day.  God Bless.