Monday, May 4, 2009


I am going to be taking some time off from blogging to tell you the truth I have no craft mojo going on right now and no new creations to share.

It could be that I am frightened to sit in my office chair since this last round of back trauma was brought on my my OFFICE CHAIR ;) If you don't know the story on May 22 I went to the ER with the worst back pain EVER because I tried to sit in a chair. No amount of Morphine took the pain away after a few days on steroids I did manage some relief. Now I am on a different pain killer that has totally zapped me of all of my creative Mojo and energy. You can now say with charisma that you know someone who has patio furniture in their living room. That is correct I brought out my comfy pool gravity chair it is my bestest friend. Here is the post with a visual of my chair if you don't have one of these you better find one this season they are wonderful. My DD has looked one up for me that is actually made for the INSIDE of the house has heat and massage along with cup holders now that would be a slice of Heaven right there.

Happy Stamp Day!


Amy said...

Oh, Sara, I am sorry you have had so much trouble with your back! Take it easy, just take all the time you need to get well. Though I will definitely miss your beautiful and inspiring creations!

Chris said...

u hope you find your mojo soon, i miss seeing your creations!!

IamDerby said...

Sorry you are not feeling so great sara. Back pain is the worst! Hoping you are on the mend soon.