Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Head Pins and Cards...

Sorry for the late post our little one has been sick the past couple of days. Here is a snapshot of my workspace while I was making some cards with head pins...

Head Pin tutorial
1) Purchase 2" jewelry headpins found at Hobby Lobby made by Jewelry Shoppe
2) Purchase Beads to match your projects
3) You will need some good adhesive or crimp beads (found by the head pins)
4) Small dab of glue under the top of the head pin
5) Thread on your first bead, hold in place a few seconds (if you are using adhesive)
6) Continue to bead and glue til you have your desired ammount on the head pin
7) Weave your finished head pin through your bow knot on your creation
**the best part about using the head pin is they have a blunt point**

Product list...
PTI card stock, ink and ribbon
PTI Damask Designs stamp set (sentiment)
Head Pin
Happy Stamp Day!


Amy said...

This is really good info. I have avoided ordering the Pretties kit, but I have looked for the stick pins with the caps in the jewelry aisle and haven't been able to find them. I didn't know those head pins were blunt, so I haven't wanted to put them on a card. Now I know different!

Chris said...

i make mine like this too...

Susan said...

What a fantastic tutorial!! I had not idea that you could use those. I have like a million of them from my jewelry making days. Thanks for the tip! :)

Susan said...

Sorry! I was so excited I forgot to tell you that I love your card! That layout is great and I love the colors.