Saturday, January 17, 2009

Miracles and Awards

I usually don't post on Saturday but I just have a couple of things to share today that are not crafty just thoughts. First I wish to start off with a plane crash...

Can you imagine how you would feel if you were on a plane and you know it was going to crash. Can you imagine being the pilot of that plane. We were shown a Miracle on Thursday when all passengers and crew escaped from such a plane into the freezing waters of the Hudson. In one word MIRACLE!

Do you know what the one Miracle was in each of the four gospels- other then the resurrection? It is the Miracle of Jesus feeding the five thousand and asking the simple question "How many loaves do you have?". Got to admit most of the time I don't realize how many loves I have, I don't realize what I can do with the loaves I do have. It is really hard to get caught up in WHY ME, why do I have to hurt every day of my life, why is my ability to walk being taken away from me,why does the medicine I take make me not feel well, why can't I keep up with our 3 year old, why does out teenager have to give us so much grief? I think this way and my loaves disappear. For the New Year I have been thinking of ways to share my loaves, papercrafting is one of those ways I am so happy I am able to share that loaf with you.

1) How many loaves of bread were created on Thursday after the Miracle plane crash?
2) How many loaves of bread do you have?
3) Let's feed the people around us in 2009, let's share our loaves!

This next subject I don't talk about much it is hard enough in our home at this time when Democrats and Republicans are bashing heads. You see I am a Democrat and my DH is a Republican we can't have a conversation about politics without angry words to each other being said so we just don't say anything. I am so quick to shush DH when he talks about Obama or Tuesday (I have chosen my words wisely for 8 years, he should do the same for me for the next 8 ;) So I just want to share how excited I am for history to be made on Tuesday, and excited for our United States to create change and share our loaves. What would I do if I were President, I would throw all the banks, car companies and corrupt enterprises into the Hudson and see who can swim and who will sink. I would not bail anyone out, the cream rises to the top and I believe out of the ashes flies the Phoenix. This is the last I am going to say about this subject here on my blog.... GO-BAMA!

Now for an award from Chris

Name five blogs...
1) The Stamping Tree
2) Senior Sense
3) Mad Sky Designs
4) Cheryl Stamps and Scraps
5) Jen's Brain Things

You can find the links to all of these fab blogs and more in my sidebar.

Name five addictions...
1) Mt. Dew
2) Chocolate
3) Old Fashioned Oatmeal RAW (don't laugh you self silly over this one it is the truth)
4) Survivor
5) PaperTrey Ink

Happy Stamp Day!


Jen said...

Great post Sara! So true...I don't think most of use know how many loaves we have...lets all spread them around! Enjoy your weekend.

Wanda. said...

Wonderful post Sara! I can see where discussing politics in your home would be difficult!!!