Sunday, January 25, 2009

Got Skates?

It was so fun to see our little J on skates. She took to the rink like a pro and after just a few minutes she wanted nothing to do with the walker. However, she did want to go and join the hockey players. She flirted with them a bit and totally made her sister jealous. Who would have thought at the tender age of 3 one could skate...Oh, how fun it would be again to have the inhibitions of a child.

The older girls had never tried the sport before and were having a difficult time just standing up.

As a kid I used to skate the winter away, going to have to get a signed confession from Grandpa for my Girls to believe me. I was dreaming of putting the skates on and gliding over the ice, I was so good at it. Seems like that was a lifetime ago, I was terrified yesterday of just slipping on the ice. My sister and I would put our skates on at the house and walk for blocks to get to the rink. Some weekends our friends parents would take us out to a farm and we would skate on a stream or stock pond. My Grandpa used to live in town and when we would visit him my sister and I would go skate the river that runs through the park. So funny that my girls can't even conceive the thought.

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Jen said...

Looks like you had a great time! I love the page of little J!