Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Another busy community day

My DD is going to Minnesota in July for a Church outing ( I will be tagging along as a chaperon, believe it or not my DD actually asked me to do it. I am in shock, do I have a pulse)! The Church purchased our town Grocery/ Post Office and turned it into a youth Shack. They have been repairing the roof and to earn extra cash for the trip she was asked to pick up the shingles, not a clean or easy job but do able. We went up yesterday between the rain showers, (is the sun ever going to stay out around here) and started working. I was able to help for a bit but with my back that type of work is just to hard on my body but I pitched in for an hour and 45 minutes, not bad for a MOM I was told. So any way it was three of us ladies, GIRL POWER, moving wet, heavy shingles and playing with the earth worms we found along the way. My DD kept asking me why I was taking so many photos and I said so I can show her where she has been when she saw the photos she was glad I had snapped them.

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