Saturday, February 9, 2013

CU Packs from Christin Thomas

Created by Christin Thomas released a brand new set this week called
Today I am going to talk to you about
Created by Christin Thomas
CU (Commercial Use) packs

Are you a designer?
 Looking for those special items to jump start a new kit or creation. 
 Then Christin's CU packs are right for you. 
  Items are created at 300dpi/ppi and saved has PSD, PSP, and PNG files.
Here are more of Christin's CU Packs... 
 Whoo Me Cu Pack

Funky Frames CU Pack

Paris  Night CU Pack

Roller Derby CU Pack

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Cheryl said...

Cute stuff, Sara!! Of course, the little owls are my favorite. :)

Chris said...

where was that little builders set when quinn was into legoes? lol