Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Memories Suite

I have been so very blessed these past few weeks.  I woke up one morning to a very happy email
day from Liz at My Memories Suite.
She said she had been by my blog
 (yes, the one you are reading right at this very moment)
and was wondering if I would like to become an affiliate for
I would get a free full version download to try
I would also get a free full version download to GIVE AWAY!
Holy Help Me Hannah!
Yes, Please!

I have used many different scrapbooking software programs over the years
mainly going with photoshop as my go to program.
There is one downside to PS for creative
people as myself it is very distracting.
I tend to loose days while working on projects.
It is so bad I have enrolled in a class on how to use your time
wisely and yet creatively while using PS.
Hehehe, I know!  
Seriously, it is that bad there is a special class
just for peeps such as myself.

My Memories Suite was a blessing.
It comes with
  multiple preloaded templates
(I call them Drop and Plop)
Everything is right there you need to pick your photos and
drop them into place.
Yes, it is that simple!!!!
you can also use any image files you already
have on your computer.

The same files you can also import into your current programs
such as Photoshop.
That is right, My Memories Suite does not use an exclusive file it
simply uses any image file such as  .jpg

Here is a preloaded template page that I used right out of the gate it 
comes from the template All Year Round Seasons...

Here is a screen shot of the album
and the page I chose to create with.

Below is an introduction video that is very helpful in explaining just how easy
yet powerful this program is.

And for the GIVEAWAY...
Here are the rules.

Please become a follower of my blog, you can easily do
that in my sidebar.

I  also require you to like
Sara's Creative Adventures
Over on
There is a link in my sidebar to that page as well.

That is it, I will pick a random winner from
the eligible entries on
Friday August 31st 2012.

So, some pretty big news and a gigantic freebie to boot!!!!

I also have a permanent number that will save you $10.00 on
your purchase of
My Memories Suite 3
and give you a number
for $10.00 
to use in the 
My Memories Suite Store.

That special code is found in my sidebar under My Memories Suite logo.
And when you visit My Memories Suite you can set up an account
So go check them out today.

Happy Stamp Day, God Bless.

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terri d said...

Oh wow that digital program sounds great... I would love to win it! I liked your facebook =) and have already joined your blog getting your posts and loving them. Thanks for the chance to win.