Saturday, January 28, 2012

Madison Avenue

Project Life Page
(I am not doing my Project Life daily as others do, I have two years worth of pics to scrap up and using project life is a quick beautiful way to get the task completed.)
Today's page features
Madison Avenue Paschal (Maddie) 
We Adopted Madison In Jan 2012...

The Watertown area Humane Society GLHS is in desperate need of assistance
contact them at the number below or visit the website.

Madison Deets...
  1. She was considered not adoptable.
  2. Was a stray found wondering the streets of Watertown SD
  3. Adopted from the Watertown Area Humane Society
  4. Had Fleas...ugh, that alone made me think twice!!!!
  5. Had skin issues...turns out to be allergies, got rid of the fleas and used Vet recommended allergy shampoo and her fur is coming back in.  He issues have mostly resolved in this area.
  6. Her back was injured from escaping under a they thought.
  7. She was protective of the people who took care of her at the humane society and they considered her to be a tad aggressive.  
  8. Her name arrived from the fact she was found wondering the streets and Mom is a fashionesta.  
  9. She loves the girls.
  10. She is loving and enjoys cuddling with Mom and sleeping on the bed.
  11. Madison enjoys going for car rides.
  12. She loves her big brother Bear, it is so fun to watch them play ring around Jessica's playhouse.
  13. She cries at the door when Jesse leaves for work
  14. As Jesse arrives home her legs turn into springs and she proceeds to jump up and down all over him  until he plays with her.
  15. Madison sucks on her blue blanket for comfort, I find this sad yet cute.  She must miss her Mama and this is how she figured out to calm herself she pretty much goes into a trance doing this.
  16. Madison is part Terrier and unknown breeds.  Mutty Maddie (just one of her nicknames). Blanket Sucker is another...I know, I know I crack myself up;)
  17. She is very loving and was easy to spoil, she fits right in with our family.

Happy Stamp Day.  God Bless.


Amy said...

Great page! Madison is so very lucky to have found such a loving family.

Chris said...

she is adorable!! so glad you gave her a forever home!! she is lucky that you found her!

love your page!!

Jen A said...

What a great way to use your PL. You new family member is so darn cute!