Thursday, September 10, 2009

Did you Watch?

I was glued to the TV last night at 7 waiting to hear about Obama's plan for Health Insurance Reform. I totally agree with his views on this, DH and I both have sever Pre-existing conditions and when I was downsized five years ago we could not continue the insurance coverage I had through work (I think they make this task impossible for a reason...the employer does not want to continue contributing to the cause.

What annoyed me the most were the people sitting there all smug with there govt run insurance programs not wanting anything to change. Maybe we should not give them all the tests they need to get well, maybe we should make them pay full price for prescriptions or maybe we should strip them of their jobs ans securities and see how eager they become for reform.

Please stop stonewalling and get something done for Us hardworking Citizens who require affordable health insurance.

I went to the ER this spring, was packed full of pain meds (no xrays, no mri) and sent home the bill was over 1500, I made a deal with the hospital for a reduced balance who do you think will end up paying the rest...the smug ones that hold insurance policies were their prices are jacked up to cover the cost of the uninsured.

Wake up and see the light doing nothing is not an answer. Even small changes can bring major help to some of us.


Happy Stamp Day!


Amy said...

Amen sister.

Banu said...

I could not watch this, but read about it online. He has lot of valid points. I hope it comes through for you Sara.

Kraftychick said...

I am a breast Cancer survivor and have been diagnosed with COPD which are both pre-existing conditions - my husband had a triple bypass 12 yrs. ago and he could not get insurance - so we ended up with insurance but at a cost of $2800 per month!! He is now on Medicare (which we have paid for for years) and I am on my state high risk pool insurance so our costs have gone way down - BUT NEVER THROUGH ALL THIS WOULD I AGREE TO OBAMA'S PLAN FOR A SOCIALISTIC HEALTH CARE SYSTEM!!! I know you won't show this comment but you should be VERY CAREFUL about listening to what they say and make sure you understand the plan (what plan?)! Sorry that I don't agree with you, but I also have some experience with the health care system and YES IT NEEDS TO BE OVERHAULED - but let's be very careful what we ask for!!

Anonymous said...

Well Sara and Krafty, I live in Mass where we do have manditory health care and for me it is working out well, I also have some serious health issues and my insurance went from $800 a month plus $300 in prescriptions to $137 with about $40 in scripts, I still have my same Doctors and some of my meds had to be changed to generic, but some are still manufacture depending on what the doctor wants. SI say lets go with Obama he is not suggesting socialzed medicine or government controled health care. It is working in this state.