Monday, November 19, 2007

Unmounted stamping fun...

For this soap I used the tree from L.A.D.'s Merry and Bright set

This is another fun way I can show you to use your unmounted stamps for a different purpose you guessed it soap crafting (No Stamps are harmed during this process).

Melt your clear glycerin soap per instructions, pour 1/2 of your mold and let harden.
Place your unmounted stamp on top of the hardened layer and pour around your stamp half way up your stamp, (you do not want to cover your stamp you will need to release it from the mold when it is hard). When the soap has hardened take a tooth pick and pry up one end of the stamp then pull it up to release it from the soap.
Now you have a cavity the design of your stamp, melt some opaque soap and pour into the cavity let cool.
Melt a different color of opaque soap and finish filling up the mold, let the soap harden and release the bar from the mold.
You will see your filled design in the middle of the bar.


Anonymous said...

This is so cool. Thanks for sharing - I love the soap you did.

Wanda said...

OMG Sara, I LOVE this idea too!!! I picked up some glycerine soap tonight at Michael's and I put it back because I found a stamp set I liked better!!! LOL I'm SO addicted!!!
Another idea I HAVE to case.