Thursday, November 8, 2007

Blog header

Today is the first day for my new blog header, what do you think? It was made for me by Revka Stearns. Thank you so much for taking the time to find out what I like and making a great header for me!

Now it is time to answer a few questions from some previous posts...

Cheryl asks what I used to put the bottom on my coaster box?
Answer, Modge podge glue. I pushed the bottom up to the last hole with ribbon rested it against this and Modge Podged away on the inside and out. When people attach it to the bottom I hear they use E600 adhesive that you can purchase at any home store. (This would be the best way to go if the stuff you are going to place in your box is heavy.)

Pat asks why I called my card not so quick Baroque...
For me the first card I make is never fast that is why I like to make multiple cards once I have all the pieces figured out I just keep cutting,I like to leave most of these cards blank so I can use them for anything that comes up.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sara, for expressing your satisfaction and for the link. I really appreciate it and am glad that you are happy with your header.

I love the photos of your work. I think the Not so quick Baroque project is beautiful and inspiring. :)

Anonymous said... I get it...I do exactly the same thing. All of that measuring sure does slow me down!

Love your new blog header...that is a very nice verse.