Friday, November 30, 2007

Grandpa Paschal...

Just got word this AM that Grandpa Paschal was having heart surgery either a triple or quad bypass. We had no idea anything was wrong, just talked to him on Monday when he called to wish his GD a happy birthday. We are possibly leaving for Clarksville TN later today, have to get ahead of the storm system that is coming our way for the weekend. Please keep Grandpa Paschal in your prayers and our family as we may be traveling out of state in adverse weather conditions.

Just smile...

I have the kids in a Mail Day partner swap and I need tons of kid friendly cards on hand this is just one that I have come up with. And it is very quick to make It is a gate fold card and the left side was embossed using the Traffic Jam folder, and the right side is stamped with the Smile set and Smile accessory set.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wasted Cash...

Wow, what can happen in a day it is totally amazing, yesterday I woke up worked on my blog before the girls woke up basically started the day normally. After breakfast it was a different story...

I have been having problems with a crown for a few months now, it has been almost one year since they had to do a root canal through the crown. While eating breakfast the silly thing came off AGAIN. I was lucky enough to get in to the dentist but they would not put it back on, tooth had to be pulled. Keep in mind I was told that only 10 percent of root canals fail, guess who falls in the 10 percent, UGH! So I have a $2,000 plastic baggie that is holding my wasted crown and root canal, so disgusting I know, but the thought of the wasted cash makes me sick to my stomach. I am sore today and can't eat anything but soft foods and no pop, I am not going to be a pretty sight in a few hours if I don't get a Mt. Dew fix I need the energy to keep up with my 2 DD.

So enough wasted cash chatter, but just think of the supplies that could have purchased, the gas the milk etc. I feel sick again. Here is a card for today...

This is a Birthday invite made with Chanitgo Monkey from Stampendous, my little DD is nuts for monkeys so this is a perfect card.

His face is lifted up with a pop dot for some dimension, I also used my scallop punch with wasabi paper to draw attention to the birthday monkey.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In the bag...

Going to make the Christmas season easy on ourselves this year, most of the gifts to my Nephews and Niece are going to fit in this bag. They will get a candy container, notebook, soap and a gift card. We just buy for the kids at Christmas now and I think they get really overwhelmed quickly and by the next day the items are less important or forgotten, I know it happens here with my girls. I would like my kids to learn that it is not about gifts, Christmas is about love and sharing, caring for others and spreading joy. Not frantic shopping, spending over budget, long lines and retailers who are telling you what you need to have under your tree to have a happy holiday.
I want to thank my Sister, she left me a huge stack of DP the last time she was over to stamp and this is what I have done with it. Thank you!

For the genie bag I put a small 3 by 3 card on the front, this way it won't be lost in the shuffle of gifts. You can find instructions on SCS for the Genie Bags
Tins are from Speciality Bottle Co.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Simple Elegance...

I have been challenged on cards for a few days now, I am not sure if it was all the distraction with the family home or if I just hit a creative road block. After frustration set in with my own designs I picked up a few Magazines and went to relax with a cold one (got ya, a cold Mt. Dew).
In CardMaker from July 2006 page 90 I found this wonderful card, it may have been wonderful because I had everything to make it on hand, that never happens with cards I find in magazines. So I marked the page and kept relaxing and getting inspired. Yesterday I picked up the magazine again and made my cards they were quick, simple and elegant everything I am about while making cards. So once again I am inspired and on a creative roll and it feels so good!

For this card I used the stamp set Mini Messages from Stampin' Up and the sentiment stamp on the bottom is from the Paper Trey Little Lady set. The SU colors used were Regal Rose, Mellow Moss, So Saffron and Chocolate Chip, the other paper in unknown. I placed on a punched flower accented with a brad and pop dot on the brown square and some GG ribbon placed low to the bottom of the card.

So there is it my Simple Elegance card, you can follow the link to my store found on the top right hand side of this blog if you wish to purchase this card.

Happy Stamp Day!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday....

Last of the birthday girls today she turns 11! Happy Birthday!

It gets so busy for us this time of year starting with Birthdays in October and going through December just makes this time of year more interesting.

Her big gift an Ipod shuffle and was she ever excited to get it, she loves music and loves to sing (not bad either unless you are asking her sister). Guess what the little one wants now that her Sissy's have them, music for her ears LOL. I hope I can find a baby proof MP3 player somewhere, any of you know where to find one?


I saw a card done with this Penny Black Modesty stamp by Emilymomto3boys on SCS a bit ago so I wished for the image in WRAK and this is one of the cards I have come up with. It was colored with Wasabi, Rose Red and Regal Rose ink pads and a blender pen. Then I put on some stickles, wow, this cards sparkles it is wonderful.

I have two swaps running at this time one is
Paper Trey round 3 and
Lizzie Anne Designs
if you are interested in either please email me and I will send you the details or if you are a SCS member you can reach the treads by clicking the above links.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Secret Sister Reveal...

This was the project I worked on to send to my Secret Sister for Reveal. It was a Comp notebook covered with Apple Cider paper from SU and also some Wasabi Ribbon, the next item was the magnetic coaster notebook, two bars of Apple Cider Embedded soap and finally a couple cards. So this ends 2007 DSS over on Split Coast and I have made four new sister friends, greetings to you all!

Have a Happy Stamp Day!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Stamping on soap tutorial...

This is another fun way to use your rubber stamps and soap.
These first few steps you will find directions for in my Embedded Soap Tutorial

First you will need to make you soap bars, melt the white melt and pour soap per directions on your package.
Pour the melted soap into your molds.
Let your soap harden
Unmold your soap

Now we are ready for some new steps...
So here is my Stamping on soap tutorial

1. Stamp your image on tissue paper with a perm ink such as staz-on, you can also color your image with perm markers like Sharpie or Fabrico.

2. Cut around your stamped image leaving a little tissue paper border around the edges.

This is what your image will look like after it is stamped and cut out of the tissue

3. Take some ink on a scrap piece of tissue paper and distress the top and sides of your soap.

4. Wet your soap on top with a damp wash cloth then place your stamped image face up on the soap bar.

5. Tap your damp wash cloth over the top of your image til it is smooth and stuck to the soap bar.

6. Melt some clear soap, per directions on your box, in a bowl to allow for dipping.

7. Take your soap and dip it into the melted clear soap, tip and circle the soap around to remove the excess.
8. Let harden and repeat step 7.

This is how your soap will look after it has been dipped two times.

9. Let the clear soap harden then take a butter knife and clean up the edges of your soap where the drips are.

10. Buff your soap bar with a piece of tissue paper on the top and sides, this will make your bar smooth again

You are done now you have a custom gift, hand stamped by you.
Is this not fun!

Remember to tightly wrap your soap in Plastic Wrap if you are going to give it as a gift or sell otherwise you are ready to use your new soap.

Happy Stamp Day!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Soapmaking video for Melt and Pour soap...

Here is a link to a Melt and Pour soapmaking video that I found while surfing this A.M.. I tend to purchase my supplies at Mike's or at Hobby Lobby so I can use a coupon, very inexpensive craft and you can use your stamping and paper supplies to jazz up your soaps.

Melt and Pour Soapmaking Video by Nuscents Candle

Count Down to Christmas...

This is the project that caused me to write my New Years Resolution so early, my first altered clip board. This is also the first holiday item hanging in our home this year. It is covered with Daisy D's paper and Mod Podge I also used the Santa from Paper Trey Believe. I bit the bullet and used my own writing and a Sharpie for the believe lettering and the other writing is computer generated. For mounting the number tags I used Velcro circles, had to make it easy for the kids to change them out.

Happy Bargain Hunting, I will be staying home this year dreaming of long lines and an empty pocket book.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Coaster notebook...

I made this as part of my reveal gift going to my Secret Sister. I used a coaster covered with Apple Cider DP and Mod Podge. Then I took a 2.5 by 2.5 notebook and attached it with redline tape, the sentiment is stamped in black Staz-on. I placed two sticky magnet strips on the back of the coaster.

Okay so here is the part where I state my New Years Resolution, No wait it is Thanksgiving not New Years, LOL. Anyway here is my resolution...
1. Learn how to use Mod Podge
(Any lessons for me or is there a silent rule somewhere that blondes should not use Mod Podge?)

Have a wonderful Holiday!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Embedded Soap Tutorial

This is such a clean fun project and I have not seen it used very much so lets clean up using my Embedded Soap Tutorial and make some special holiday gifts. They make great treat handouts for school, hostess gifts or make a bunch for a holiday present. Get your kids involved they love to make and use soap projects, have a happy stamp day!

Decide on the image you want to use in your soap project, here I used the Apple Cider Paper from Stampin' Up! with my 1 1/2" circle punch. (You can also stamp and image and color it as you would normally to use in your project.)
This photo shows your DP placed on one side of clear packing tape.
This photo shows a layer of packing tape being placed on the back of the DP.
Take your sandwich and press down firmly with pan scrapper (this is a crucial step in your project this will seal your art from the soap and water and keep your sandwich from bleeding into your soap.)
Cut around your DP and tape sandwich leaving 1/8" of a tape edge
Now you are ready to make soap, here is a photo of some of the supplies I use. Keep in mind you can keep this simple by just using the plain soaps or you can put drops of color or scent into your soap project. Your creativity can take your project anywhere you want it to go.
Melt your soap per directions on label (use a glass vessel for melting and a metal bread knife to stir.) During this step after you have melted your soap you can put in a few drops of scent, stir slowly with a metal knife so you do not create air bubbles.
Pour your melted clear soap 1/2 way into the mold
Let your clear soap harden, this will be the top layer you will be able to see your object through in the end, a window of soap if you wish. Place your DP paper and tape sandwich face down on your hardened layer of clear soap.

Spritz some rubbing alcohol onto your hardened clear soap and paper with tape sandwich.
Pour on your melted white soap
Fill up to the top of your mold with white soap

When your soap has hardened and cooled remove from the mold by turning the mold upside down and pressing on the top of your mold to release the soap. (To speed up the process and have your soap release easily you can move your mold after your mold has set to the fridge for no more than 30 minutes.)

The last step is to enjoy, now if you are going to sell or give your soaps as gifts wrap immediately after unmolding tightly in plastic wrap.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Great news...

I have added a blog store link on the upper right hand side of my blog. You can go here to purchase items handmade by ME! Email me at and let me know what you are interested in and I will calculate the shipping and get back to you with the total cost. For now I am taking Paypal and Money Order.

I will also be working on a Soap tutorial to place on my blog. Has anyone tried these yet? So much fun!

Happy Stamp Day!

So Very Angel...

I have never worked with the Angel Co. products before until my DSS sent me the most awesome reveal package and in it was a stamp set, ribbons, brads and matching papers from TAC. (In my fave color no less.) So thank you again Monika for the grand package and wonderful items you have sent.

I stamped the shopping girl on TAC Dp and cut out her shirt and glued it onto another stamped image with my 2 way glue, then I colored the image with pastels. My package came with matching tags so I put the image on it, and put on a name plate with brads and pop dots, with the addition of some distressing and ribbon the tag was complete. Just some matching DP and card stock and the card was done, this product sure made a quick card.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Unmounted stamping fun...

For this soap I used the tree from L.A.D.'s Merry and Bright set

This is another fun way I can show you to use your unmounted stamps for a different purpose you guessed it soap crafting (No Stamps are harmed during this process).

Melt your clear glycerin soap per instructions, pour 1/2 of your mold and let harden.
Place your unmounted stamp on top of the hardened layer and pour around your stamp half way up your stamp, (you do not want to cover your stamp you will need to release it from the mold when it is hard). When the soap has hardened take a tooth pick and pry up one end of the stamp then pull it up to release it from the soap.
Now you have a cavity the design of your stamp, melt some opaque soap and pour into the cavity let cool.
Melt a different color of opaque soap and finish filling up the mold, let the soap harden and release the bar from the mold.
You will see your filled design in the middle of the bar.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Embedded Soap...

You can also use all of those great DP's you have same way...
Make sure they are sealed in packing tape and embed your paper sandwich in the layers of your "melt and pour" glycerin soap. What a great gift for the season and simple also, this project will take you less than five minutes to complete a bar. One year the girls and I made enough of these soaps they could hand out one snowman or snowflake per student in the class and they really enjoyed them.

The soap has also been a great selling item at some of my previous craft fairs.

Have a Happy Stamp Day!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Merry, Bright and Clean?

Merry and bright embeded soap

This time of year I really like to craft with the girls, we have fun times getting items ready for the holidays. Today I am going to show you an easy no fail, fast, clean project to do with your kids.
Can't go wrong with soap crafting if the kids spill it you just clean it up, LOL!

Stamp, color and layer your image as you normally do, no special inks or papers are needed. Now take your project and wrap it in packing tape making sure to press firmly. Cut out your image leaving 1/8" tape seal all the way around your layered piece.

Here comes the new part and you will need some clear and white glycerin, "melt and pour" soap, and a soap mold. Cut off a few squares of clear and melt in your microwave per direction, usually less than 30 seconds. Pour the melted soap 1/2 way up your mold and let this harden, lay your image in face down and pour in your white soap to fill the mold. Let this layer harden and then remove your soap from the mold, your project is complete.

Fast, fun, easy, cute and clean.

Some great blog candy...

Here is a link over to My Creative Corner where Wanda is giving away some great blog candy. On her post you have to tell her what you really want for Christmas to be entered, so get over there and get yourself signed up and check out some of her goodies while you are there this woman has many great ideas no wonder she made the stamping top 50. Go, go, go....

Looks like Blogger is going to have troubles this AM and I can't post photos so I will be back...

Happy Saturday!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Seasonal Notebooks...

These little gems are making their way to the east coast as part of a Thank you and that is all I am going to say. They were fun to make and all the images were sent to me through the WRAK group, I have just over a week to make up my mind to purchase and then the Holiday Mini will be gone. Can't wait to see what is going to come up next I really liked the sets in the Mini this round.

I used my ink pads, Wasabi and Ballet blue along with a blender pen to color the images and then touched them up with some stickles.

Thanks again to Wanda for making the Notebooks for me, please check her out over at My Creative Corner and leave her a little Congrats, she has made the Stamping top 50 (Great Job Wanda)!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

LAD tile coaster and new Swap....

I so like making these now that I know some fun ways to do them and they design stays on the tile. Such great gifts these are going to make and really cost effective as well.

Agora Noce tile from Lowe's
8020841132328 SKU

Lizzie Anne Designs Stamps
"Au Naturale"

SU French Script Background

SU Pastels

Su Blender Pen

Black Staz-on

This tile I made after watching the stamping on tile video, take this link to the post where you can see the video.

I am hosting a new swap that uses Lizzie Anne Designs, here is a copy of the thread on SCS, if you are not a SCS member but would like to swap please email me at, if you are a member please take the provided link to the thread and leave a reply so I can get you on the list...

Hi, I am Sara Paschal and I am hosting a L.A.D. swap...

Name of Swap: L.A.D. (Lizzie Anne Designs Swap)

Description: Any occasion, any color combination, any technique you wish to use. Please make full cards. Please use at least 2 layers of paper and at least 1 embellishment. You can stamp the inside of the card if you wish or you can just leave it blank, it's up to you.

Quantity: 5+1 You can sign up for more than one spot, just please make 2 different sets of cards. I will be swapping 5 different cards, you will not get one of yours back so make sure to make an extra for yourself. The plus 1 is for the hostess. You will send in 6 cards and get 5 different ones back.

Vendor Products: Please use Lizzie Anne Design Stamps L.A.D.

Deadlines: Due in my hands by Jan 15, I am going to make this swap a tad longer than I usually do because of the Holidays that are coming up. You can sign up as many times as you would like. If you sign up and find out that you can't make the deadline please let me know ASAP so I can fill your spot.

Questions: You can post your questions here on the thread or you can PM me.
Remember to subscribe to this thread to stay updated. Just click on thread tools and then subscribe to this thread and select email notification.

Mailing Instructions: Packaging: Place your swap cards in a zip lock bag to waterproof and protect your work. Write your real name, SCS name and the swap name on a piece of paper and put it in the bag for identification.

Swap Return: Place bag inside a self addressed stamped envelope for return mail purposes. The amount of postage on your SASE should be the same amount that it takes to mail to the swap hostess. Please Remember no metered strips...they are only good for the day you purchase them, please use stamps on your return envelope! Please include 2 extra stamps in your bag to cover any extra postage, they will be returned to you if I don't use them. Place your SASE inside your mailing envelope and address it to:

Have a Happy Stamp Day!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dss Reveal and TY Christmas Cards...

I believe a version of this card is going to make the final cut for Christmas cards this year. I wanted to use Baroque Motifs and a cuttle bug folder and the card also had to be plain, ie no brads, ribbon etc. so I could get them all mailed out and not break the bank account. I may change the swirls to green and the flowers to red, this would make more sense. I will also need to switch back to a hard surface to stamp on I brought up a flexible table after the last craft show and you just can't get a good image stamping on this surface.

Can you believe all of this was for me from my DSS for this round on SCS, I couldn't. I took my time looking through everything while DD was taking her nap and I was in shock. Let me just say AMAZING, so many things I have never tried before I can't wait to dig into. So thank you Monika for the best mail day ever!

A couple of notes to some readers out there about previous comments...

I am going to try some more fabric stamping in the near future as for now I only know how the stuff works that I have on hand...
Fabrico markers and an Inkxressions fabric stamp pad.
I have read on "Capture the Moment" that there is a Pallette ink pad that is perm on clothing, the above link will take you to this page. And once again, the samples she has made are just wonderful. I hope this will help you.

I have also figured out the Modge Podge, you have to seal it with spray sealer and then it will no longer be sticky even after it has dried. So I just picked some matte sealer up at Wal-Mart in the spray paint aisle.

And one last thing little DD is back to walking, Running and getting around as normal. The Dr. called yesterday after a specialist read the X-rays and stated the same facts that nothing was showing up on them. So we can say one of two things caused this a sprain or the flu shot she had previously gotten.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Little Ladies...

Our 2 year old DD woke up a tad better this A.M. she will put weight on her right leg but will limp when she tries to walk. She will crawl or roll across the floor to you. You ask her to come and she will say, "okay" and then you can see her thinking how I am I going to do it. She likes to sit in my chair and yell for help so we will come and pick her up to get her where she wants to go.
This is so terrifying when you do not know what is going on with your child and all the Dr. can tell you to do is watch her over the next few days, does not seem fair to anyone. Again she seems happy and wants to play today she just does not want to walk...I will keep you posted.

So here is my Card for the day...

This card is a case from Taylor VanBruggen on Paper Trey Ink Pad Gallery

For my card I stuck with Real Red to mount the card front on and I also added a spiral clip with some polka dot ribbon. I like the card more to the plain side but if I use it for my swap card I would have to have the embellishment.
For the lady bug she was stamped on the scallop white square and then I stamped again on a scrap piece and cut out just the wings. They were then cut down the center jazzed up with some stickles and placed over the scallop lady bug with one pop dot to make it look like she was flying. Very cute, again not my idea but I sure wish it was.

Monday, November 12, 2007

ER visit...

Yes, on her birthday our little one woke up crying and not wanting to stand or walk. After some x-rays and a Dr. vist they are still not sure why. Could be a sprain, or Septic Arthritis (caused by the flu shot she got last week). She is fine and happy if she is just idle, I will keep you updated.

Scallop Window card...

This was a swap card I received in the blue floral swap this year it is an explosion card but I was more taken aback by the scallop window and when my Sister was over we gave it a try.

This was the Christmas card we came up with, she brought along this great DP and she always has a stash of the best brads and eyelets so this was our window card...

These are the punches that were used to create the window Mega square scallop and a 1 1/4'' Square punch. My Sister figured it out that it was better to punch the square first then center the scallop around it, I am a Blondie after all it takes me a few tries to get there, LOL!

I do know that when I hit the lottery I am going to have to trade all of my punches for the Clever Lever style.

Happy Days..

Very busy day today it is our DD's second B-day today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTTLE BUG!

And for Veteran's Day a huge shout out to all the Military past and present serving for our freedom. Here are a few of my fave Military photos...

This is My Dad Charles Tieszen, served in Korea...

This is my Grandpa Vernie Smith with my Grandmother Alpha I get a kick out of this uniform and I have grown my hair out and now I like to wear it like Grandma did...

And also to my DH who was in the ARMY stationed in Wash. State at Fort Lewis. Our DD's have his photo at school I will get it scanned in when it returns.

And now I am off to work on a card post for today before the Girls wake up, be back shortly...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Benefit Day for Danielle...

I have not stamped on fabric in a long time and I found these T's on clearance at Wal-mart for next to nothing so I had to pick up a few. Since it is my littlest DD"s birthday on Monday and I had my Paper Trey "Little Lady" set out making my swap cards I decided to make her a bug T for her birthday. I used a fabrico red marker (retired SU) and Inkxpressions black fabric ink, then a put a fabric bow on each sleeve so very cute she is going to love it.

Our Family went up to the pancake breakfast this A.M., YUMMY! Danielle was there she was busy helping and looked really happy, all of the craft and sale items looked wonderful it should be a success. Thank you to Jodene and Pia for sending items for her and I will send you both some blog candy, thank you again.

I was asked the other day how the kitty was doing, I would say by this photo she is doing quite well. She is a great addition to the family and as you can see I guess I have lost MOM's CHAIR to three sleeping Beauties.