Friday, November 9, 2007

Have you tried these yet?

These are so fun to make and really easy also. My Sister came over to stamp on Thursday and we were sidetracked making these. Here is the link to the SCS thread ... Paper Bows We also made some from single sided DP and they turned out cute also, my Sister Rocks when it comes to awesome DP we had a bunch to pick from. And I have a thank you going out to her for the ones she left for me to use and for lunch, YUMMY! It is a great time when she comes to see us. Plus a big CONGRATS on over 75lbs lost, so happy for you!

So frustrating, we had our router go out on us just one week after switching all of this stuff around. Now my DH has my laptop hooked up and we have to take turns, not much fun. Just like not having our DVR working for a week, thought I was going to go nuts then also. I can remember as a kid I was the remote to a black and white TV, look at me now, LOL!
Have a great weekend,

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