Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Danielle's Benefit....

I had set aside Sunday for my Mom only stamping day and wow did I ever get a ton of things accomplished. First today I want to show you the nugget tin that I made using the Holiday Treat Set from Paper Trey. I actually made two twin ones that are going to the benefit for Danielle on Sunday. The colors I used were Wassabi and Ballet Blue and for an extra touch I put on a wassabi ribbon. (I just love these are they not yummy?)

Please see the link on the top right hand side of your screen. So far I have two enteries to place in the blog candy drawing for Danielle.

Now for an update on my DD's knee, we were at the DR. yesterday morning and this was the news she has gotten. She can now start using her knee with restricted exercises and some walking and bike riding. We go back to the Dr Christmas Eve and if she has shown strength and gotten past the pain she will be good to go. If not he said they are going to have to go in and anchor it down (by it I mean the bone chip that is floating around in there along with the tendons that pulled off). So keep your fingers crossed for her that she can work past the pain, remember it has now been almost 6 months in the immobilizing brace for her so it is going to take a ton of hard work.


Wanda said...

LOVE your tins!!! I hope your daughter's knee continues to get stronger. Poor thing.

jodene said...

I pray for your daughter to have strengh needed for this time in her life! Very lovely tins!