Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In the bag...

Going to make the Christmas season easy on ourselves this year, most of the gifts to my Nephews and Niece are going to fit in this bag. They will get a candy container, notebook, soap and a gift card. We just buy for the kids at Christmas now and I think they get really overwhelmed quickly and by the next day the items are less important or forgotten, I know it happens here with my girls. I would like my kids to learn that it is not about gifts, Christmas is about love and sharing, caring for others and spreading joy. Not frantic shopping, spending over budget, long lines and retailers who are telling you what you need to have under your tree to have a happy holiday.
I want to thank my Sister, she left me a huge stack of DP the last time she was over to stamp and this is what I have done with it. Thank you!

For the genie bag I put a small 3 by 3 card on the front, this way it won't be lost in the shuffle of gifts. You can find instructions on SCS for the Genie Bags
Tins are from Speciality Bottle Co.

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Wanda said...

Great idea about the gifts Sara. Kids do get overwhelmed by all the gifts.