Saturday, November 24, 2007

Stamping on soap tutorial...

This is another fun way to use your rubber stamps and soap.
These first few steps you will find directions for in my Embedded Soap Tutorial

First you will need to make you soap bars, melt the white melt and pour soap per directions on your package.
Pour the melted soap into your molds.
Let your soap harden
Unmold your soap

Now we are ready for some new steps...
So here is my Stamping on soap tutorial

1. Stamp your image on tissue paper with a perm ink such as staz-on, you can also color your image with perm markers like Sharpie or Fabrico.

2. Cut around your stamped image leaving a little tissue paper border around the edges.

This is what your image will look like after it is stamped and cut out of the tissue

3. Take some ink on a scrap piece of tissue paper and distress the top and sides of your soap.

4. Wet your soap on top with a damp wash cloth then place your stamped image face up on the soap bar.

5. Tap your damp wash cloth over the top of your image til it is smooth and stuck to the soap bar.

6. Melt some clear soap, per directions on your box, in a bowl to allow for dipping.

7. Take your soap and dip it into the melted clear soap, tip and circle the soap around to remove the excess.
8. Let harden and repeat step 7.

This is how your soap will look after it has been dipped two times.

9. Let the clear soap harden then take a butter knife and clean up the edges of your soap where the drips are.

10. Buff your soap bar with a piece of tissue paper on the top and sides, this will make your bar smooth again

You are done now you have a custom gift, hand stamped by you.
Is this not fun!

Remember to tightly wrap your soap in Plastic Wrap if you are going to give it as a gift or sell otherwise you are ready to use your new soap.

Happy Stamp Day!


mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Ingenious, gorgeous, and like you were reading my brain (only adding more intelligent techniques at the same time!) ;0) I've been thinking about making soap for gifts, but never thought of stamping IN them. I add coffee and cloves and essential oils to mine. Thanks so much for sharing! :0) Mel

P.s. I hope it's ok if I add your blog to my blogroll.

Wanda said...

Another FABULOUS soap gift idea! TFS

Banu said...

WOW..this is an awesome idea Sara. So neat.