Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Embedded Soap Tutorial

This is such a clean fun project and I have not seen it used very much so lets clean up using my Embedded Soap Tutorial and make some special holiday gifts. They make great treat handouts for school, hostess gifts or make a bunch for a holiday present. Get your kids involved they love to make and use soap projects, have a happy stamp day!

Decide on the image you want to use in your soap project, here I used the Apple Cider Paper from Stampin' Up! with my 1 1/2" circle punch. (You can also stamp and image and color it as you would normally to use in your project.)
This photo shows your DP placed on one side of clear packing tape.
This photo shows a layer of packing tape being placed on the back of the DP.
Take your sandwich and press down firmly with pan scrapper (this is a crucial step in your project this will seal your art from the soap and water and keep your sandwich from bleeding into your soap.)
Cut around your DP and tape sandwich leaving 1/8" of a tape edge
Now you are ready to make soap, here is a photo of some of the supplies I use. Keep in mind you can keep this simple by just using the plain soaps or you can put drops of color or scent into your soap project. Your creativity can take your project anywhere you want it to go.
Melt your soap per directions on label (use a glass vessel for melting and a metal bread knife to stir.) During this step after you have melted your soap you can put in a few drops of scent, stir slowly with a metal knife so you do not create air bubbles.
Pour your melted clear soap 1/2 way into the mold
Let your clear soap harden, this will be the top layer you will be able to see your object through in the end, a window of soap if you wish. Place your DP paper and tape sandwich face down on your hardened layer of clear soap.

Spritz some rubbing alcohol onto your hardened clear soap and paper with tape sandwich.
Pour on your melted white soap
Fill up to the top of your mold with white soap

When your soap has hardened and cooled remove from the mold by turning the mold upside down and pressing on the top of your mold to release the soap. (To speed up the process and have your soap release easily you can move your mold after your mold has set to the fridge for no more than 30 minutes.)

The last step is to enjoy, now if you are going to sell or give your soaps as gifts wrap immediately after unmolding tightly in plastic wrap.


Amy said...

Hey, Sara,

Great directions on making soap. Definitely the most helpful and easiest I've seen. Pretty examples too!


mel m. m. mccarthy said...

SO amazing! Thanks for sharing it, :0) Mel