Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year...

Have a Wonderful 2008!

Here is a party hat project I worked on Monday night for a contest on SCS JEBPartyhat

I used TAC Mimi paper along with a "Dress Up" button some SU ribbon from "Fairytale", a silk flower and some tulle to make this princess hat for our little DD to wear on New Year's Eve, don't quite know when or how it ended up on the cat but it was cute so we had to snap a photo of our kitty princess.

Working with Stems...

This is a card from Saturday that I had CASED from SCS gallery you can see it here done by Petal Pusher. For my colors I used Bravo Burgundy, Hunter and Bordering Blue. On the blue panel there is French Script done in white (hard to see on the photo). I loved the layout so much guess what I did a NOTEBOOK to go with it. Well actually I used different colors but here it is....

I took my notebook a tad farther by putting on some GG ribbon from SU and some brads from the Target Dollar Spot I also used my paper piercer to get more detail onto the panels. The colors for the notebook are Atrichoke, Burgundy and Bordering Blue.

Have a very Happy and Safe New Years Eve, be sure to get a ride and don't drink and drive.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Math Problem something fun...

A friend sent this to me in an email... WOW it worked for me!


Here is a math trick so unbelievable that it will stump you. Personally, I
would like to know who came up with this and why that person is not running
the country.

1. Grab a calculator. (you won't be able to do this one in your head)
2. Key in the first three digits of your phone number (NOT the area code)
3. Multiply by 80
4. Add 1
5. Multiply by 250
6. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number
7. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number again.
8. Subtract 250
9. Divide number by 2

Do you recognize the answer?????

Give me a break...PLEASE!

Well in the new year I can say goodbye to my new kitchen as of last night. We has some minor electrical problems in our bedroom that lead to the removal of our ceiling fan and outlets, now in the new year we are going to have to update the wiring to the front half of the house, wonderful! And I was so looking forward to a new kitchen, someone give me a break please. My DH is working so hard now with two jobs over the winter and then for this to happen, just does not seem fair.

Okay, enough whining I did have a very eventful day yesterday in my craft space as well. A wonderful Friend has given me a Simply Scrappin' kit. I have never purchased one in the past thinking they were a tad spendy, well this has changed my mind totally I love them. As the Mother of three girls I don't very often venture over to boyish stamps or accessories, but this Creative License Kit has totally made me step out of my box. Remember me saying how badly I needed boy cards for my DD's swap, not anymore. I have also completed a 6 by 6" scrapbook for our friends boy who has a B-day the first week of January, totally hard to buy for because he gets his wish list filled at Christmas. They loved the photo DVD I made for them so I thought he would enjoy a scrapbook of his own and a photo frame to go with it. I will just show you a couple things today and then be ready for a swarm of "Good Things", watch out Martha here comes Sara.

(All items used came in the Simply Scrappin' kit with the exception of the notebook.)
So thank you Barb for getting me to step out of my creative box and venture in to a whole new world, I am totally enjoying this simply scrappin' kit it was very kind of you to think of me.
Happy Stamp Day!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Stems and Angels...

I used the ignored set again of Stem Silhouettes to create this card tag and the sentiment for my altered notebook. The notebooks were created for me by Wanda at "My Creative Corner", she uses the rubicoil for these and they are so nice to work with. The DP, ribbons and hardware are all from the Angel Company (Thanks again Monika, I love these goodies).

I don't know why I have ignored this set for so long I have actually enjoyed working with it the past couple of days.
Happy Stamp Day!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Winter Wonderland....

This is our view looking out our back door through the vacant lot, with fog every evening and early morning this is what happens to the trees they turn a beautiful crystal white. Beautiful for me, I don't have to be out on the slippery roads and I am enjoying the warmth of our home.

Okay, yesterday I decided to pull out a new stamp set that I have not made much use of yet and the winner was Stem Silhouettes from SU. I started out by looking through the SCS gallery and I cased a card from Tashers how beautiful is that. I did not have the colors she used so I went with my own, Wasabi, Ballet Blue and Rose Red. And for the Scallop oval I just used a small oval in Ballet Blue. At first I was not so happy with the results wishing I had the scallop punch, but you know what for using what I have, the card turned out good enough.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thank You's and some Great news....

Made up some quick thank you cards for the girls to send out for the Christmas gifts they have gotten. Used SU snowman wheel and Many Thanks set.

Received a phone call from the Dr. office about our DD's MRI scan from Monday. The scan has shown "early healing" of her Osgood Slaughter's and no further damage to the tendons or bone. So she can keep going with her limited activity, her flex brace, heat etc. they said she should start to feel some relief soon. What a wonderful gift this is, I am sure she will tell you it is her favorite Christmas gift ever.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Merry Christmas...

I hope all of you enjoyed Christmas as much as My Family and I did, had some time to play and relax. It was peaceful here yesterday with the snow falling at a beautiful pace in the end we have received over four inches of new fluffy snow, I am sure the girls are going to make use of it today the little one wants a snowman bad. Even the kitty stayed by the window watching the flakes fall.

Today I am going to share with you My Sister and her family we were able to take the kids to a motel to swim on Sunday and Monday (everyone had a great time).

The photos below are of the bedroom we had stamped for my Nephew we went along the chair rail with a small car set from SU and the larger stamps were foam. We used primary colors and acrylic paint to do the job, is it not the cutest thing, the boys love it.

Happy Stamp Day!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Merry Christmas...

Last night it was our Family Christmas at my Sisters house. We have such a large family that we only buy gifts for the kids, it is fun to watch them open and see the surprise in their eyes. Our youngest has gotten her first Potato Head so I am going to share her creation, not bad for a two year old....
I did put a small treat together to give the adults... I measured the bags I had and then cut white Papertrey Card stock, (if you have not tried this paper yet you are really missing out. It is 110 thickness and it makes great cards and is wonderful for projects like this where you need a sturdy base.)Then I used the stamps from the Holiday Sweets set and Wild Wasabi to make a cute label, tied some wasabi ribbon and was done. I made a bunch of these to hand out in less than 30 minutes.
And here are the Girls all ready for Christmas, they are now 13, 11 and 2.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Paper Trey Puzzler.....

Paper Trey Puzzler contest that went with the last release party on December 15th
I love games and love Paper Trey images and all of you that read my blog or have been in my previous swaps know that this is a fact. Quite simply Nichole's images can't even be in the same class as other images they are far to ingenious and creative. So when I read on Nichole's Blog that there was a contest to win some stamps I played along for the week and on a daily basis checked her blog for the next question and collected the answers.

Along the way I made some of the samples she had shown us like the Purse made from a plastic box, LOVE IT if you have not seen these yet you must visit here and put it on your to do list Capture the Moment

Now for my point are you ready? Nichole posted day 4 question and at a later time went back and edited the posted question without posting anywhere for her daily readers to go back and check her blog that the post had been altered which in the end changed the answer for the puzzler.
(Got it?)
So according to the first post of day 4 the final answer was 158 after the post was edited the answer became 148.
(Are you with me?)

So on the final day of the contest I was at my computer ready to type in my answer when she posted the final question had all my previous answers calculated the calculator was ready to go and then the moment came here was the final question I finished up my calculations went over to her blog and typed in my answer and then went back to see the other answers to see where I was in line. To my surprise I was the only one with the correct answer and I was scratching my head in disbelief (I thought the contest was easy and couldn't figure out why no one else had the correct answer. (All the while my heart was glad and I was excited knowing that I had won) Then she posted the winner, it was not me, the winner was the gal who saw the edited version of Nichole's blog post and her answer was 148. What the heck was going on I thought so I went back and reread all of the questions and when I got to day 4 my jaw dropped, the question was reworded in an edit to include more stamps thus making the final answer different.

Yes, my first feelings were disbelief and anger that this had been done. So I posted my thoughts on the blog and was the recipient of some hate mail and messages that made me even more agitated because I was in the right so I wrote to customer service at Paper Trey (you can read the emails below you will have to click on each frame to enlarge the screen so you will be able to read the email).
My email and their response have been posted here for you to see.

So they admit to changing the question and by doing so changed to outcome of the contest.

There you see all of you who had viscious unkind words for me, I was right the contest had been changed the final answer altered and an unfair winner was named.
To see the final question take this link Paper Trey Puzzler, to see my final answer in the contest you need to click on the comments of this Paper Trey Puzzler post in the above link.

That is all I have to say thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Family Christmas...

Tonight we are celebrating our Family Christmas at my Sisters home, DH is working today so I am trying to get all the last minute stuff done while the girls are at Church play practice. As a gift to our family friends I have made a photo DVD for them and found a very nice photo album, I printed out some pictures for it and then we will also be giving them the jpeg files so they can print out the ones they want.

So today I have my favorite photo out of the group to share with you
I will be back with more on Sunday but have to get it in gear this AM.
Merry Christmas to all...

Friday, December 21, 2007

Last Day before Christmas break....

For this notebook I used a snowman I had previously made as card candy.
And for these notebooks I used the last of my WRAK images to complete, I love this set now that I have seen it, sure hope it shows up in the new Catty along with Merry and Bright.
Well everything is at school with the Girl's as of today, WHEW what a tornado of activity that was. Getting gifts ready for Teachers, Bus Drivers and friends. As of 7:00 this AM I was informed that my youngest needed an exchange gift, 7:00! I had some notebooks made, a necklace beaded and some pens and chapstick I thought that would make a wonderful exchange gift for her to give so now I am done, (well baring anymore surprises).
One more big THANK YOU to Wanda for getting some notebooks ready for me to create with. You want some? Visit her blog here, "My Creative Corner"

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wrapped chocolate bar...

Here is a smaller version of a wrapped Hershey bar, I was inspired to use this pattern by Rochelle please check out her awesome blog here, (Impressions...) She has so many great ideas for wrapping candy, for gift giving and her cards are simply wonderful. I have asked her to make one of her gift sets Basketball style for our DD with the knee problem, I can't wait I know it will bring her some happiness.

So about the knee situation, we have gone back to the Dr. earlier that we had planned, her knee gave out going down the steps on the school bus then again at the basketball game as she was climbing up the bleachers. He is saying now that her knee cap may not be so stable and that is why she keeps falling. Honestly I have know idea when this poor kid is going to feel good the Dr. keeps saying could be two years, we are going in for an MRI on Christmas Eve keep your fingers crossed that this test will help the Dr's treat our DD in a way that will help her physically and mentally get over this knee situation. She is still so despondent over the situation that she can't do what others in her class are doing and that she has missed volleyball and basketball seasons for the year.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

All I want for Christmas is....

All I want for Christmas is.....................................A Giant Hershey Bar.

This it totally my fave chocolate of all time anything from "Kisses" to "Hugs" and "Nuggets" to "Bars" Hershey Milk Chocolate, rocks!

When my Sister was over a few weeks ago, we made some of these paper bows, "So have you tried these yet?", You can follow this posted link to the post on the paper bows.
I wrapped a Large Hershey bar with the same paper and placed a bow on top. Easy Peasy and totally cute, and you can't for get YUMMY! These bars are going to the girl's teachers for Christmas.

I have posted another fave of mine and that is Sudoku Puzzles, you will find a new puzzle everyday on the right hand sidebar of my blog. What is fun about it is you can pick three different levels of play, depends on how much of your brain is operating the day you want to play. I tend to pick the easy level, that tells you how much of my brain I use, LOL!

Happy Stamp Day!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fresh and Fun Bella...

I took a break from Christmas gift prep yesterday and I came up with this Bella card, I totally love the layout used. I even played with my fave colors celery, red and black.

3/4" Circles
1 3/4" by 1 1/2" squares

Monday, December 17, 2007

We have a Winner and a LAD swap card....

And we have a blog candy winner...Cindy from Cindy's Creations. Please send me an email to with your addy so I can get your goodies to you.

Swap card for LAD swap by Clownmom on SCS...

This card was made using LAD stamps High Hellos
SU Night of Navy
SU Night of Navy, Real Red, GP white, DCWV summer mat stack Papers
Cuttle Bug birthday folder, Dimensionals and markers
Technique used is embossing

Thank you for such a wonderful inspiring card.

There is still time to sign up for this swap, check out the thread on SCS or email me to get signed up.

Happy Stamp Day!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

12 Ornaments for Christmas Day 11, wooden frame...

Okay, here is the MIA post for Ornament number 11. Turns out all I had to do was shut the computer down and when I turned it on this AM everything was working correctly again. (Wonder if the kitty stepped on it, walked on the keys or something.) I am enjoying reading your blog Candy comments, you still have some time to leave a comment to be registered to win the candy.

12 Ornaments for Christmas Day 11, wooden frame...

I found this great unfinished wooden frame at Hobby lobby in the Christmas craft section of the store. First I took all of the hardware off of the frame and then painted it white with acrylic craft paint and then distressed the edges with ink. I beaded the hanger and then reassembled the ornament. I had gotten these great images in the mail from one of my swappers and decided I wanted to use the Papertrey Santa on this ornament so I colored him in with markers and chalks and placed the heart on with a pop dot and inserted the image in the frame. I love this little does the cat and our DD she runs around the house talking to Santa.

We had a great time at my Niece's 5th birthday party on Saturday, she loved the gift I had made for her and is ready to take it to church today. The Purse is made from a plastic box, the box the glass ornaments had come in, it was cut in half so I can make two purses from one box. I broke out the Digi File Eat Cake, from Nichole Heady of Papertrey printed out the paper scored, folded and placed it in one half of the box. This past week I was lucky enough to be blessed with a great friend who sent me a wonderful box full of goodies and in the box was the perfect ribbon to make this set with, just how wonderful is that. (Thank you once again Wanda for all of the goodies.)

For complete directions on how to make this purse box visit "Capture the Moment", the wonderful idea packed blog by Nichole Heady of Papertrey Inc. In my Niece's purse was a lip balm, mini notebook, candy tin, M & M's, and a card with $$$$ in it, she about flipped out. As I stated before she is ready for Church today.

And finally a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful Hubby of thirteen years, the cement mixer driving Hillbilly grocery boy, Happy Birthday!
(Today's B-day is the final family birthday of the year but we can not forget the biggest birthday ever, the birthday of Jesus.)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

12 ornaments for Christmas Day 12, Christmas star...

8,9 10, 12 what no 11? I have not forgotten how to count, I have skipped day 11 for today's post and went on to 12 because I had the draft complete and the photo uploaded. I need to power down and see why I can't move my photos from my camera to the computer, when I get the last ornament photo to upload I will post the day 11 ornament for you...

Well, this is the final post of the 12 Ornaments for Christmas series and it has to end with a star tree topper right? Yes, here is the last ornament a Five Point Paper Star to light the way for Christmas, the season of Christ, life, hope, joy, giving and family.
Here is a link to the directions I used to make my star from Basic Grey Blitzen Collection "Velvet Stocking". 5 point star When I had my star completed I attached a chenille stem with crystal effects to the back center of my star then when I went to hang it I just twisted the stem around the tree branch.

Why The Christmas Star?
Matthew 3:2
"Where is he that is born King of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him."

So as you are working on your Christmas remember the reason behind the Holiday the Love and Light of Christ.
May you and your family have a blessed Christmas Season.

Here is my Blogger Christmas tree in all of it's glory, gotta love this little tree.
You can actually see Ornament 11 hanging on the bottom right, if you want to sneak a peak...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Blog Candy....

Today I am going to repost Day 1 blog candy, I have not heard from the winner so going-going gone...
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite Ornament has been, and if you have tried or plan on trying to make some of them.
I will draw a winner for this blog candy on Monday AM, December 17th and post the winner on my blog. The winner will have to notify me by email or a posting so I can get the mailing address for the candy.

Good Luck!

Paper Trey Inc...

Remember today is reveal day over at Paper Trey Inc, if you wish to see some examples made using the new stamps you can check in on Nicole's Blog "Capture the Moment", she has posted some wonderful stuff for us this week. A new way of packaging nuggets using the scallop punch, a purse made from a plastic box (really I am serious and it is very cute), and a little lamb made with the nestabilities dies.

Still room in Paper Trey Swap round 3, if you wish to play along email me at, the closing date for this swap is Jan 18th.

Happy, Happy Stamp Day!

12 Ornaments for Christmas Day 10...Wooden Snowflake

12 Ornaments for Christmas Day 10, wooden snowflake...

I found this wooden snowflake at Hobby Lobby mixed in with the unfinished wood when I was grabbing some of the blocks. (It came painted white, how cool was that one step down.)
So next I took the drill and made an ornament hanger hole.
Then I put on some rhinestones, colored the Merry and Bright snowman from SU, punched it out along with some real red card stock, put it in place with my Scotch brand double stick tape, tied a hanger and I was done.
Very quick, this is a great project for the kids to help with took less than five minutes to complete.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

12 Ornaments for Christmas day 9, Altered Ceramic Ornament....

12 Ornaments for Christmas Day 9, Altered Ceramic Ornament...

This was a plain ceramic ornament that I picked up at Hobby Lobby, they are found in the Christmas Crafts by the other paintable ceramics.
For this ornament I stamped the Flaky Friends with black staz-on onto tissue paper, then I colored them in with colored pencils.
I placed the tissue over the ornament to see where I wanted the placement to be then traced around the ornament then cut out on the inside of the pencil line, this made the tissue a tad smaller than the ornament.
Next I spread on some Crystal Effects and placed the tissue paper on top then smoothed it on with my fingertip.
Then I spread more Crystal Effects over the tissue paper and dipped the ornament into fine glitter, made a ribbon hanger and I was done.
I did take one extra step and lightly sealed it to help hold the glitter on.

This was a super fun ornament to make and the cost was very reasonable they are two for $1.00, then on sale for 40% off. I sure hope I can make it to the day after Christmas sales and get a few items for next year. Do you take part in the day after sales?
Happy Stamp Day!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blog Candy Winner day 3....

And the winner of Day 3 blog candy is Chsgls. Please emial me with your addy.

I am still looking for the day 1 winner Judistamps, please email me with your addy also.

Happy Stamp Day Ladies, no candy to post today but there will be more this week.


12 Ornaments for Christmas Day 8, Christmas Spider....

12 Ornaments for Christmas Day 8
Beaded Christmas Spider

When I was a kid I remember there being a rush every year for the person to find the Christmas Spider first and hang it on the tree. Ours was a glass ball spider and it was red, I don't know where it is now but I will always have the memory of it and now my kids can rush next year to see who comes up with the spider first and hangs it on the tree.
Here is the story behind the Christmas spider the German Legend...
The spiders wanted to see the Christmas tree and all of the presents but The lady of the house was cleaning all day to prepare for Christmas and all the spiders were moved from there place on the ceiling. That night while everyone was asleep they climbed on the tree leaving their webs behind them. They saw what they had done and feared they would be killed so they begged for mercy and suddenly an Angel appeared. The Angel said, "I will save you, but I will need some help. One of you must stay to save the rest." So one spider stayed behind and when the Angel touched the spider it turned to glass and the webs all turned to shiny silver. Today we hang tinsel on our Christmas trees to remind us how one can save many and it is now a custom to hang a spider along with your ornaments on the Christmas tree.

To make your spider you will need..
2 large beads
Seed Beads
Jewelry Pliers

Thread on one seed bead and make a loop in the wire
Next you put on one large bead
Cut 4 lengths of wire long enough to wrap around the center wire for the legs
Wrap the wire tightly around the center wire
Place on the other large bead
Thread on one seed bead
Make a loop
(now you have the body of the spider)
Thread on 15 seed beads on one of the 8 wires
Make a loop
Continue this 'til all of the legs are beaded
Make a hanger out of cord
Use a Sharpie marker to make the eyes

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Blog Candy Hide and Seek round 3...

We are going to play again today for the above pictured items the only difference is the small tin will be replaced with a different style tin. AS always I will include some secret items with your stash.

What you will need to seek out today is found in my SCS Gallery, it is called A True Friend Comes Clean. You will need to leave a comment under that upload telling me what the item actually is. That simple, find it, leave a post and you could have your own items to alter. I will draw again for this winner on Wednesday AM and post the winner with the Day 8 Ornament.

Happy Seeking...

12 Ornaments for Christmas Day 7 Altered Glass ornament...

Day 7, Altered Glass ornament...

I picked up a pack of 6 from Hobby Lobby(item #6977490) these are a flat clear ornament found in the design your own ornament section of the Christmas goodies. I have to admit the first one was tough trying to get the acetate the correct size but after I had that figured out all was well, the acetate has to be 2 1/4" circle for this to work, so I used my circle cutter to get it exact. After I had the circle I stamped with staz-on and a snowflake from Paper Trey Snowflake Serenade and let it dry just a few minutes, I rolled it up and pushed it into the ornament, to help unroll I used my tweezers out of my MM tool kit. I put in some plastic snowflakes then put the top back on. Next I made a neat bow from GG ribbon and glued it on with Crystal effects, using the remainder to make a hanging loop.
The kids will have a blast making these like I said once you get the correct circle size you are ready to go.

Blog Candy Winner #2...

We have a winner for the second round of Hide and Seek and it is.....

PeaPie please email me at with your addy so I can get your goodies sent your way.

I am still looking for the first winner to contact me, Judistamps. Please contact me at the above email address so I can send out your goodies.

I will be back in a bit with another round, have to get the kiddies ready for school.

Happy Seeking.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Hide and seek blog candy number 2...

Sounds like everyone had a great time playing Hide and Seek so lets do it again. The prize this time around will be the same

Nugget tin
Another tin (different from this one shown this was for round 1)
and some surprises

This is how we are going to play this time around
I uploaded the Joy ornament to SCS along with a different altered block ornament. Find the other ornament and leave a comment on it at SCS, here is the twist in your comment you must use the code word JOY that way I know you have seen the candy on my blog and will be entered to win.

12 Ornaments for Christmas Day 6, Altered Block Ornament tutorial...

12 Ornaments for Christmas Day 6
Altered Block Ornament tutorial

Wow this is the half way point in the 12 Ornaments for Christmas, are you having fun?
This ornament is really special for me because it takes Mod Podge to make it, and my blog readers know that I am not so great with the stuff. But it was my early New Year's Resolution to learn how to use it and guess what I have, YEAH! I have many thanks going out to Emilymomtohreeboys on SCS, I love reading her blog daily and she uses Mod Podge with many of her projects so I sent an email to her asking for her tips and she helped me out. Here are the tips she had for me, thicker card stock and the fact that she did not put it on top of the paper, and not using so much of it. Guess what it worked I used Basic Grey paper and only used the Mod Podge to adhere the paper to the blocks then when that was dry I sprayed them with sealer. I got the idea of altering the blocks from Emilymomtothreeboys blog Stamping and Stuff then I added my own twist to them by placing screw eyes in the top and threading ribbon through to make an ornament.

So many thanks Emily for your tips and the inspiration for altering blocks you have so many creative ideas thank you for sharing them with us and helping me out with my "sticky" situation.

So to make this ornament you need 1 1/4" blocks from Hobby Lobby
Mod Podge
Heavy DP Card Stock
Small screw eyes from Wal-Mart
E6000 adhesive

First paint the blocks a light base coat, (I used white acrylic paint)

Cut your squares of Card stock 1 1/8" by 1 1/8"

Use a small amount of Mod Podge to adhere the paper to the block (I used three different patterns from the Basic Grey Blitzen collection)

Let the glue dry then lightly sand the edges

Stamp on the letters to form your word (I used the Quirky Alphabet from Stampin' Up, this is my fave alphabet set to use ever) with Black Staz-on

Layout your blocks as you would have them appear, I staggered mine some on one that I made the other is in a straight line

Find the blocks where you will put the screw eyes

Find the center of the block and screw in the eye (you do this by making an X on the top of your block and where the lines cross is your true center)

Use E6000 adhesive to stick the blocks to each other

When the adhesive is dry make your ribbon hanger by knotting the ribbon behind the screw eyes

You are finished, is this not great!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hide and Seek Blog candy Winner...

The winner is judistamps, congrats to you please email me with your addy so I can get your candy shipped for you. Thanks to everyone for playing, was that fun or what. I am going to do it again this week so watch out for Hide and Seek.

Pretty Daddy....

Just have to love what comes out of the mouth's of babes. Our 2 year old had this to say about her Daddy being dressed up for his new part time job, "Pretty Daddy". I have to admit it was a nice change to see him out of his Dayglow yellow work T and jeans. A few years ago our other Daughter shouted out in the store check out line as her Daddy was going to get one more item, "I did not know my Dad could run", LOL!

12 ornaments for Christmas Day 5

You are going to love the ornament for today but first I have to show you our trip to see Santa, our little DD was not having a good time and I had to snap the photo quick but here she is with Santa....

Merry Season Clear Top Tin

I just love this stamp set from Stampin' Up I have gotten lots of mileage from it over the years, this snowman has to be my fave seasonal stamp to use. For this ornament I first stamped the image with black staz-on and then I scanned it into the computer and shrunk the image to fit inside my tin. Just a note worthy tid bit here any time you alter a copy written image it can not be used with the angel policy- that means you can not sell the item you made with the image you altered. So if you plan on making this type of ornament to sell pick a stamped image that will fit inside the tin you are using.

So after I shrunk the snowman I colored him in using a blender pen and my ink pads along with colored pencils. There is some stickles on his hat for some extra bling and I also stamped the clear tin with opaque white staz-on and a snowflake from Paper Trey Holiday Treats. Once he was colored and the stickles has dried I put in some plastic snow and sealed up the tin. I then used red line tape to adhere the ribbon to the outside rim of the tin, where I made the hanger loop I tied on a small bow.

The tins I am using have come from Specialty Bottle, if you want to make these now check the bridal sections of Mike's and Wal-mart and they are also in stock at Paper Trey where Nichole has free shipping on orders over $40.00.

I will be back this PM to reveal the blog candy winner of Hide and Seek.
So what is next, I am not going to say but you will have fun stacking it up...
Happy stamp day!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Blog Candy Hide and Seek....

As part of my 12 ornaments for Christmas I am posting a blog candy today with a twist I have not seen before and I think it will be fun. So I am going to call it Blog Candy Hide and Seek. Since Sunday is a no post day on I am uploading Sunday's Ornament on SCS today. Everyone who finds Sunday's 12 ornaments for Christmas ornament Day 5 and sends it to me in an email at will be entered to win today's blog candy. I will draw a winner on Sunday evening December 9th. So go, hunt it down, shoot an email and you could win some items to altar that include nugget tin, glass ornament and a smaller mint tin plus some extra goodies.

12 ornaments for Christmas Day 4....

Stamped Pillow ornament

To make this style of ornament you will need two 4 by 4 squares of white fabric.
1) I stamped my snowman image from Stampin' Up's A Merry Season with black fabric ink, then I colored it in with Fabrico markers.

2)Next you place your stamped image, along with a 5" length of ribbon face down onto a plain square that is facing right side up. (You know the rule when sewing, right sides together and the length of ribbon will become the hanger.)

3) Sew around all four sides leaving room on the bottom side to turn your ornament.

4) Turn your ornament right side out.

5) Stuff with batting and hand stitch turn hole closed.

6) For my snowman ornament I went around the edge and did some top stitching to make it look like a pillow.

You can make a ton of these quickly and very inexpensively they look grand on the tree and a wonderful package tie on. Even if you do not own a sewing machine these are small enough you could hand stitch them quickly also, don't wish to sew at all use a sewing adhesive tape.

Up next for day 5 (tin ornament)...

Friday, December 7, 2007

12 ornaments for Christmas Day 3...

Star-Burst treat cone

The Star-Burst top makes this cone a welcome retreat from original cone ornaments and I have to say our two year old loves the star shape, I think we could call it her favorite ornament this far. Mine is filled with paper shreds and wrapped Hershey nuggets that were stamped using Paper Trey Holiday Treat set, they also look cute filled with mini ball ornaments.

To make I printed out the pattern on white card stock and carefully cut and scored on the proper lines, next I stamped using Paper Trey Snowflake Serenade in Ballet Blue from Stampin' up. I cut out paper triangles in Ballet Blue and adhered them to the star points. Punched the two holes and threaded some narrow white organdy ribbon through and tied a knot in the top to make the hanger. Double sided DP also works well for this project.

I have yet to figure out how to upload a pdf but I will send you a scanned jpeg of the pattern I have used. You can email me at paschal.sara@gmail to get the pattern, please use Star-burst pattern in your subject line.

Coming for day 4, Stamped Ornament Pillow...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

12 ornaments for Christmas Day 2...

These are really quick and fun to make and you only need a few supplies. I have learned the trick to Mod Podge on these so I am extremely happy with them.
I purchased the wood blanks at Hobby Lobby when they were on sale 1/2 price so four of them were $.50, not bad for cost you can make plenty of them for gifts and craft fairs.
I started with a blank, no paint or sealer, and put on a small amount of mod podge then placed my paper down and pressed on from the center out.
On the back I used double stick tape to set my cord onto, then another layer of tape on top of the cord to make a sandwich.
Spread mod podge on the back and lay your paper down again pressing from the center out and using very little. (Use extra pressure when placing your paper over the cord to get a good tight fit around the cord.)
Tie a few strands around one side of the hanger and you are done.

Very inexpensive, great way to use up your scraps and quick. A great project for kids or your grandchildren.

This project can be kicked up a notch by simply painting the wood, different ribbon, layering the possibilities are endless.