Thursday, September 1, 2011

Reconstruction Time

No, not another blog look!  I know that is what you were thinking;)
 Not yet anyhow,  I am working on my own version from scratch
and is taking more time than anticipated.
 I will be have more time on my hands and this is why...
Many of you following me know that since April of this year I have been struggling to rehab my knee.  
My stubborn attitude had me thinking I could rehab it and avoid surgery.  
My luck would have it this thus backfired  
causing more problems for the surgeon to fix.
Go figure!

Our little Jessica says, "they can't just give you a robot knee or something".
HaHaHa!  Comedians are abundant these days!
In older patients this type of damage would require a replacement. 
 Thank goodness I don't fit into that category yet!

So not looking forward to the pain and discomfort. 
 In fact I am terrified! 
 I am struggling with the WONDERFULLY made portions of Psalms 139:14 
The FEARFULLY part is scorched into my memory however!
(Oh, crap!  I better watch it
who knows what he is ready to throw my way next!) 

Here is what has to be done...
Knee Scope

So I am going to be in a world of hurt, not knowing when it will end is were I am hung up.
I can handle anything for a predetermined time.
The closest the Dr will say is six months to arrive at a pain level of 1.
There better be some wonderful painkillers involved that WORK!!!!
That I won't develop an allergy to,
 or make me feel like BLAH 24/7!
A girl has to be able to type and surf after all;)
Possibly keep her eyes open long enough to catch up on some TV!

I'll be back!
Heck, I may even take on the steps like Rocky...

 However, a visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art is on the list.

When health is lost, something is lost; 
When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; 
when character is lost, all is lost.
Billy Graham
I  would appreciate you saying a few prayers for me.
I will be back when I can.
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 Happy Stampin' and God Bless!