Thursday, November 1, 2007


Edit to place photos, and no I have not gotten things working I had to make a trip upstairs to my DD's computer now that she is home.

The Witch, her costume came off as soon as she got in the door.
The little pumpkin...
The Vampire...
The girls and myself had a fun Halloween it started out with us treating the residents of the Tieszen Memorial Home and Assisted Living to a pack of greeting cards. We handed out 136 cards and many smiles, they were all happy to get one and enjoyed seeing the girls all dressed up. The littlest DD was having the most fun, she thought everyone was her Grandpa and Grandma she was giving hugs and high fives and of course taking a few pieces of candy here and there.

Next we let the girls visit a few houses in Marion and came home to dinner. The older girls went around Monroe afterwards and filled up the bags again.
So much candy it has to be hidden and divided out otherwise it would all be gone in one day.

I have photos but I also have a new computer that does not like me much, or it did 'til I loaded in my printer yesterday now it can't see my camera, UGH! Anyway when I get it figured out I will post the photos.

Hope you all had a happy treat day as well.

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Lori A. said...

I see lots of chocolate so it looks like a good load! And a full size Mr. Goodbar?! I'm drooling!