Tuesday, May 31, 2011

National Limerick Day

Re-posting from May 12 2011
This is the post that went missing from the 12th to the 17th while Blogger had an aneurysm!  The comments are still lost!  I have held onto it until now I was dealing with what happened during its absence...
I was trying to get in contact with my HS English teacher to thank her for my love of literature. (Notice I said literature and not English as a reader of my blog you know I find any type of structure confining.) I am sure some of you remember the Flash Gordon Paper.  OMGoodness, it made her laugh Hysterically;)  
In the process I learned that my Friend (the teachers daughter) had lost her 17 year old son.
Is it not amazing how God works and knits things like a Limerick day post back to my friend in her darkest hour.  As of yet I have to send a card or give her a call.  I am lucky, our girls were permitted more time in this world when her son was not.  I know how close we were I just can't imagine the crushing feeling of burying your child.  A child one week short of graduating HS. 
 A child full of vim and vigor just as his mother.  
So God Bless you my Friend and I am keeping you and your family in my prayers.

  Remember to tell the people you love that you love them EVERYDAY.  Because no one knows when your last day will be.
So here it is again if you missed it....
Celebrate National Limerick Day!
I love this holiday it is obvious if you know me or have the pleasure of living with me!  My kids laugh hysterically when I  am in a rhyming mood.  
Don't you ever let go and say what comes to mind?  Try it!  You will be amazed.

If you are submitting to PaperCrafts Magazine the have an open submission call for a Card a Day 2012.
I printed off a list of my favorite days I wanted to work with I have submitted some but others are just hanging around.  This is one of those creations...

I printed off the sentiment in Word because I am having issues with my computer!  I plan on getting some word art in photoshop up for grabs as soon as I get this figured out;)

Here is a quick one Jessica and I made up...

There is a girl named Jesse
Her room is very Messy
She did not pick up her shoes
now she suffers the one shoe blues
and her Momma is a bit testy.

My Minds Eye Stella and Rose collection dp and ribbon
Cuttlebug flower dies
PTI cardstock, buttons, felt and bling
Nestabilities lacy circle dies and the Big Shot
Scrap Fabric
embroidery floss

Okay, the MRI scan results are back on my right knee.  Not what the Dr. was expecting.  
What can I say it is ME!
In short my problems are being caused by degeneration, arthritis and my body sending too much fluid to heal the area.  This fluid is getting trapped in the back of the knee were the situation above has done damage and is collecting making movement of my knee difficult and painful.  There is a name for it but I am not going to look it up cause if I do I certainly will have earned a Doctorate Degree!  So I can deal with it or go get an injection directly into the knee cap.  I went and looked it up anyhow and the term is EFFUSION.  Now you can call me Dr. Sara Paschal!   I don't know what the worst of the two evils are at this point.  I know in the past I have different results with injections.  Have been told the more of them you get the less they work.
So no surgery is needed...that is a good thing. 
However to chalk up one more body part to degenerative disease does not make me one bit happy.

Happy Stamp Day.  God Bless.


Amy said...

Very cute!

Chris said...

gorgeous card!! did they take it? i sure hope so!! i was going to submit, but i just didn't get to it.

sorry to hear about yourknee problems!! hope you feel better!

Sara Paschal said...

No I did not even submit this one I have to keep it for my stash;) However they did take another project that will be out for the Christmas issue;)

Jen A said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Where have I been. Looks like I'm caught up here now. Hope all is well. Love seeing all the fun summer projects! enjoy your day!