Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bye Bye Toyota!

At first thought Donna wanted to see the car one last time then she changed her mind so today I signed over the title to the tow company so they could scrap it. Bye Bye have to say I won't miss it!

Jesse went to check out to see if he could find why Donna's seat belt failed best guess was that she possibly had tucked some fabric in and did not get a click because the seat belt was intact and two guys pulling on it could not release it. So FYI when buckling up make sure you have all fabric clear from the buckle and make sure you hear the click. I always pull back now after clicking in myself or little J just to make sure it will hold.

Below are some pics Jesse took when he went to check things out...

Donna was released from the hospital on Monday has been busy with dr apts to keep up on her blood thinners and a visiting nurse comes to the house daily to help out with vitals and dressing change.

Hopefully soon I can get back to creating again I sure could use the break and calm it brings.

God Bless!


Amy said...

Prayers for you and Donna and your whole family as you all continue to heal. Thanks for posting the tip about the seat belt--I never realized that could happen.

Chris said...

wow, she is one lucky girl! so happy she is home! >"<

Jen A said...

Great tip for the seat belt...ya know they double check on all the amuesment park rides...why we don't think to check in a car?
I'm glad that Donna is home and healing. Keeping the prayers going!