Thursday, April 15, 2010

Organized Space ideas

I have to say for those of you who say what a ton of stuff your right it is but keep in mind I have been paper crafting for over 15 years and crafting in general since I could walk. (Or if you talk to my Dad he would say before I was walking and still in my crib!) Next on my to do list for them is to paint I want to have green walls and my recycled computer cabinet painted black inside and out (then it could double as my photo studio).

First this was my Grandmother's sewing stand I cherish it and it has been well loved through the years...

Here is a view of my Craft Maid storage units, DH brought home two more shelves for me and put them on the bottom. This created more space for my taller items and made it easier for me because I did not have to double stack the items on the lower shelves that I frequently use. You can see my PTI stamps stored on a CD spinner in the corner and I now store my 12 by 12 paper in the drawer system one of the drawers I keep just for my working on NOW stash. My card stock is in the file cabinet below the workspace I have each color in its own file and color family makes crafting life so EASY this way.

My DH brought this storage rack home a few weeks ago I love it just have not found the right use for it yet. I have an over load of buttons so I thought more button jars but I don't know, what do you think?

Here you see the computer cabinet I recycled a few years ago I love it for crafting when I am unable to create I can just shut the doors and come back when it is possible. No worries about little J messing up projects or things getting dirty (this sits in our first kitchen). DH brought me home two more shelves that he placed the other day more storage room gotta love this now, when are you painting it for me?

Here is the right door so beautifully modeled by little J, I store the cricut cutting pads on some hooks dh installed below the Cork board...

This is a large shoe organizer that hangs on the right side it holds all of my punches, LOVE THIS SYSTEM. You can also see a glimpse of how I store my ink in a recycled cassette holder.

Lots of items were thinned out and sent to charity I think my creative styles change as frequently as anything else if we pulled it out and I could not remember what or why it went. So much easier for me now that I have downsized and organized and what fun it was along the way. I learned each of the girls have their own fave areas of creativity. L likes the buttons and working button flowers also spooling the ribbon, Little J loves the punches and D enjoys the paper. I don't think I can pick a fave area I am addicted to ALL OF IT;) Along with my new system I also now sort out products (taken from Mish Mash and her inspiration stations for the holidays) that I match up and I can work with the next time I am feeling creative. Thanks to my family for helping me improve my workspace and again I ask when is painting day?

So my favorite organizational products...
Cassette holder for ink pads
CD spinner for PTI stamps
Spice spinner for buttons
Creative workspace where you can shut the doors and walk away from any project in any area of development in my case a recycled computer cabinet.
File cabinet for card stock
plastic shoe boxes

Anything not used in a regular rotation is in storage totes under our steps they are all now sorted and labeled, Hallelujah! DH does not yell every time he needs to get into the basement these days and I am happy to report not much water down there this spring!
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Amy said...

Wow! Great craft room Sara. You have given me several ideas for storage. Thanks!

Jen A said... neat and organized! You have some great storage ideas! I wanna paint my craft area too...a mocha and black shelves.

Chris said...

looks fabulous! i don't think you have too much stuff...can you ever have too much?? lol

Wanda. said...

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE come organize my workroom! I'll pay you!!!