Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sorting Scraps

As promised here is my system for sorting scraps. Up to now I have just been throwing them in the plastic sweater box and hoping the lid will shut. When my Sister brought me her scraps I knew I had to do something else and this is what it was. My girls and I sorted paper for two days, YIKES! First we went for color families like green, blue, red etc. Next we took those piles and sorted out the shades and colors for instance greens, we had Celery, Galore, Glorious and so on. We took those stacks and cut the scraps down so nothing was taller than 5" and slipped the color into a releasable bag from Uline (I did part with the scraps that were less than an inch). Next we wrote the name on the outside of the bag. This continued 'til all paper was sorted and bagged, now I can fit everything back into the same box and the lid will close! I believe it is very important to save your scraps, we even found some retired colors.

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