Thursday, April 19, 2007

Play Date

Yes, my Sister is coming over today and bringing her new toy (the Cricut) I can't wait to see what it does. I have seen a short demo on public TV and check out the web site but never used it. She is also the proud owner of the Sizzix line of products so I thought I would go to Mikes since Sizzix is 60% off this week and get a one so I could borrow some of her dies. Guess what, they are not sure if they are getting more in it seems that the company is coming out with something new. I hate this when it happens it gives me a complex, I get used to the old and am not good with change. Anyway I am on a wait list they wouldn't even give a rain check! I have seen the online store, I may have to break down and pay shipping if I want one that badly. I will post at a later time the fun stuff we come up with today, right now I have a 17 Month old crawling around my legs who wants to play.

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